General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By Daveyb1984

All my strategies that are set to follow EW markets and back EW work fine. I have set this strategy up in the same way and am only following EW markets. The bets it places are for EW like in the screen shot but it's only backing them to win. I've restarted the strategy and restarted the program but it does the same thing. Any idea why it can back EW market but only actually doing it to win?

I should add, two of the bets there placed so should have returned something. But the loss is only £1 and should be £2.

Market moves.png
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By BfBotManager
This is simulation mode, simulated bets are settled by bot by using winner/loser status provided by Betfair. They do not provide detailed information if horse placed or not.

In real mode bets are settled by Betfair and in that case you will correct settlement result.