Updates history

History of most recent software updates

12th October 2024 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.24)
TPD - Total Performance Data integration, optional for users that are subscribed to TPD Zone
RSS feed functionality, allows you to publish message about your strategies to your RSS feed at your own website
Trade out rule, new option to use fixed bet size for trade out bet
General min and max ROI setting for Dutching for target profit rule
Tennis - Bet when game score, new option to select set and game score
Overall loss recovery - bug fix related to getting cleared/settled orders delays that Betfair now has
Bug fixes, optimizations and other minor background changes
5th October 2023 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.23)
Important changes to update bets and get settled bets
New rule "TippingSports - publish placed bets as tips" - allows strategy to upload placed bets as tips at TippingSports website. Works only for events and markets supported by TippingSports website.
New rule "Bet only on markets for which tips are imported" - allows strategy to bet only on markets for which tips are imported.
Twitter integration updated to use Twitter V2 API and user application keys for Twitter API
New option "Selections filter->Allow betting only if all horses have official rating (horse racing only)"
Configuration editor allows you to view log files
Tennis live scores bug fixes
Smart auto load markets functionality to load markets required by your strategies
Layout changes to several rules, they now use controls/forms that will follow selected application theme
Bug fixes, optimizations and other minor background changes
14th June 2023 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.22)
Horse racing - pedigree information is now available
Markets filter - options to check football home/away team names
Competitions filter - option to check competition type
Compare prices rule - new options to compare prices from before in play
Strategy "Edit" form has option to set "Group by" value
Football - home/away team odds ratio - option to check absolute value
Layout changes to several rules, they now use controls/forms that will follow selected application theme
Bug fixes, optimizations and other minor background changes
14th December 2022 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.21)
Simple sequence staking plan, options for steps forward
Football - Filter matches by scored/conceded goals in each match rule, option to pick X matches to satisfy the rule
Cancel all unmatched rule, option not to cancel other "After bet rules" when this rule is executed
Traded volume rule, option to check value from before in play
Auto restart rule, option to wait for all bets to be settled
Layout and warning messages
Inplaytrading/inplayscanner now supports Pressure index 3 and Average pressure index 3 indicators
Only if strategy has bets rules now works with greyhound forecast markets too
Telegram/Twitter condition, issue with {SELECTION_NAME} is now fixed
Trade out rule, option to place unmatched bet at opposite price
Moving average staking plan, option to use range instead of fixed value for expected strike rate
Weight of money rule, option to pick number of available prices to use
Country filter rule, option to use country codes
Bug fixes, optimizations and other minor background changes
7th June 2022 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.20)
Auto restart rule - option to execute only if strategy is in profit
Option to determine favorites by using cloth number
More options for filtering matches by team form and previous results
Option to set time when rule "First in the queue" will execute
When exporting tips user can now select which tip data will be exported
Number of unmatched/matched bets is now displayed at markets and strategies grid views for each market and strategy
All time profit/loss can now be reset manually
Option to check for minimum number of previous results when filtering by team form/results
Bets history now has new columns for percentage of betting bank, to display bet size and profit/loss as percentage of strategy betting bank
Option to publish percentage of betting bank and bet details as percentage in Telegram messages
Redesigned sound notifications functionality
Tennis score option to bet only if set score was one of selected scores
Bug fixes and other minor background changes
6th December 2021 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.19)
Strategy option for max number of bets per event
New "Combined liability of odds" staking rule
New "Coupmaster" staking plan
Min/max percentage option for shots on target
Option to bet on next first half time over/under market
Rule "Bet if specific market selection is in price range" works now with greyhound forecast and tennis game by game markets
Football in play statistics are now calculated and displayed for second half separately
New options to remove markets from main MARKETS grid view e.g. if there are no live statistics etc.
New option to use modifier/multiplier with football in play statistics
Import tips functionality now supports SportMonksFixtureId column
Multi select functionality added to countries, venues, markets filter rules
Bug fix when searching for specific market for event, when start time has changed
Bug fix with max profit/loss when option to use percent of betting bank is used
Bug fixes and other minor background changes
1st September 2021 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.18)
Predictology integration, import tips and auto load markets for imported tips from your Predictology account!
Trade out rule, option to trade out at fixed price
Football - Team position rule improvements
New option at "Tools&Settings->General settings->Results" to delay football scores by X seconds to ensure that they are confirmed. Unconfirmed scores are displayed with yellow background at live score column
Steamers/drifters settings form at main menu
New label to show SUM of All time P/L values at STRATEGIES grid view
Options to ignore imported min/max price, BSP setting at "Bet on imported tips" rule
Fixed example strategy to use Fibonacci sequence
Set minimum time to start monitoring markets before start time to 2m to ensure market prices before in play get downloaded at least once
Markets filter, new tennis option to allow betting only on current GAME_BY_GAME market
Football - Bet when score, new options for score movement
New event id and market type meta tags for Twitter/Telegram messages
Added +, - and * tp Inplaytrading/Inplayscanner rule
Option to check half time result for total goals for previous matches
Bug fixes, optimizations and other minor background changes
21 April 2021 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.17)
Betaminic.com integration, import tips and auto load markets for imported tips from your Betaminic account!
Trade out rule, options to trade out to win X% of profit or X% of bet size
Option to select market type at "Skip if favorite difference is not satisfied" rule
Added "Report", "Bet placement in progress" and "Strategy" info columns to "Manage tips" form
New market rule "Skip market(s) after winning/losing market(s)"
Several fixes to ensure that application is displayed properly at very high resolutions e.g. 4K or similar
Inplaytrading rule, new option to skip betting on match if data is too old or was too old at some point during the match
New options for Twitter/Telegram notifications
New football rule "Bet on next over/under market" that allows betting on next over/under market depending on current match score
New "Moving average staking plan"
Competition filter now has option to allow/disallow competitions with specific text in their name (allows filtering Cup competitions)
Monitoring markets is now optimized, racing markets are monitored all the time, even when loaded with football or other events!
Dutching over multiple markets rule now works with racing events too
Safety notifications
Bug fixes, optimizations and other minor background changes
12 January 2021 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.16)
Rule "Only if live scores available" now works with tennis live scores too
Bets history limit is increased and is optional (Tools&Settings->General settings->Bets settings form)
Simple sequence overall P/L staking plan has several new options
Rule "Only if specified strategy has bets" now has "OR" and "AND" logic options
Competitions filter has option to list competitions by event for selected country
Optional importing start time with Proform tips
Parlay staking plan, option to use individual bet profit/loss instead of overall market profit/loss
Telegram improvements for signature and new message options
New staking plan "Lay percentage up/down"
Option to use "OR" or "AND" logic at "Selections filter" rule
Option to pick X selections that satisfy "Price change - Steamers/Drifters rule"
Option to select price type added to "Bet if specific market selection is in price range rule"
Rule to filter horses by detailed information now has option for jockey claim
Bug fixes with tennis live scores, fixed null reference issue
Tips schedule, fixed bug when using load at specified time option
Few bugs with football historical data fixed
Fixed bug where Maria staking plan did not save values properly on exit
Optimized importing of large strategy files
Fixed bug where bet status was missing for simulated bets
Other minor bug fixes and layout improvements
22nd June 2020 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.15)
Improvement related to bets below minimum size
Telegram integration
New form for adding new rules to strategy
Back/Lay ratio, new options to use first/second/third best price to calculate ratio
Min/max odds for multipliers at Simple sequence overall p/l staking plan
New commission calculation settings
Football in play events detailed information e.g. goals, cards, penalties
Football - Match events rule
Football - Home/away team odds ratio
Tennis - Bet when fifteen score
Tennis - Bet when game score
Tennis - Bet when set score
Tennis - In play statistics
Tennis - Only when selected player
First and last recovery, option to save position on exit
Only if specified strategy has bets, several new options
Traded volume, option to check volume at another market
Most traded selections
Compare prices rule
Bookies bank staking plan
Odds staking plan, new options
Hedge if profit/loss is greater than X%
Hedge rule has more market conditions
Option to export all visible columns from MARKETS grid view
Option to lock settings when exporting private strategies
Option duplicate/skip/overwrite strategies on import
Option to update tip imported prices when runner is removed
Menu item to move "My S." to tips form
Quick links to Betfair live video
Only if available amount greater/less than X
Other minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
23rd December 2019 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.14)
Football in play statistics e.g. shots on/off target, ball possession, passing accuracy, attacks etc.
Football - match status rule
Football - in play statistics rule
Football - only if live scores are available rule
Tennis live scores
Proform - option to import UR1Odds and TissueOdds as tip min/max price or price to bet at
Back 1 point staking plan
Lay 1 point staking plan
Pro staking plan
Greyhounds - Skip race if there is a reserve runner
Time to bet - option to select hours of day during which to allow betting
Hedge - option to use profit/loss from selected strategies
Max profit/loss can now be set as percentage of betting bank
Price change rule has new option for book/chance value change
Steamers/drifters tab, menu item to display recorded data for individual strategies
Twitter - option to tweet overall market profit/loss
New columns at markets and selection grid views to display competition, country, days since last run and other information
News tab with latest promotions and other important information
Reports tab for each loaded market
Bug fix when importing large number of tips
Other minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
18th August 2019 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.12)

New rule, Football - Pitch condition
New rule, Football - Team formation
New rule, Football - Team position
New rule, Football - Weather report
New rule, Football - Time rule
New rule, Only if specified strategy has X wins/loses
New rule, Tweet placed bets, allows publishing tweets on placed bets at your Twitter account!
New rule, Tips - filtering rules for imported tips, new option to skip market if one of imported tips is non runner
Hedge rule, new option to use trailing stop loss
Selections filter, new option to allow/disallow manually picked selections
New form to display historical statistics form, opens on "Match preview" button column click at markets grid view
New form to display market information, opens on "i" button column click at markets grid view
New form to display competitions for which live football data is available, opens from Help menu
Column to display all time strategy profit/loss at strategies grid view
Column to display strategy ID number at strategies grid view
Option for BSP is added to "Only if strategy has bets" rules
More time intervals are added to time drop down list
More scores are added to score picker control
Filters are automatically saved for bets, results and steamers/drifters grids
Other minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
28th May 2019 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (
Important memory leak issue is fixed. This will result in less use of RAM memory and make bot faster overall. It will also allow bot to run continously for months without restarting
Important issue with bets not being accepted during in play is fixed
Exported strategies will now export profit/loss too
Automatic saving of strategies on change is now working properly
"Selection conditions->Bet if specific market selection is in price range" rule has option to use custom text to find market
Other minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
14th May 2019 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.11)
"Bet if specific market selection in price range" is modified and it has list of market types instead of textbox. If you are using this rule then you must edit it and select market types again.
Added option for min/max price range to Overall loss recovery, so that loss is recovered only if price is within set price range
Safety option to limit bet size at strategy "Edit" form
Close rule is now merged to Hedge rule, it supports all triggers/options like Hedge rule
Added option to use available balance as betting bank to percent of betting bank staking plan
Added option to use percent of betting bank as stake for Dutching over multiple markets staking plan
Option to record min/max prices only between set time period
Fixed login bug when there is a special character or plus sign used
Fixed login for Swedish customers
Option to save save strategies whenever rules are changed
Option to save strategies automatically after midnight
Unsettled markets rule is improved to handle failed bet placement problems more accurately
Inplaytrading - new option to Hedge/Close rule to execute if Inplaytrading data is unavailable for X seconds
Inplaytrading - injury time is now parsed properly
Menu item buttons get pushed/disabled appeareance when they are clicked
Optional confirm message box when removing market or rule
Simulation mode - handicap bets are now matched properly
Simulation mode - improved matching algorithm
Simulation mode - bets are voided for remove runners and handled properly
Simulation mode - fixed issue with Take SP persistence where bets were not matched to liability
Bets persistence - Keep can now be used during in play
Example strategies are no longer autoloaded if there is a private strategy loaded
Markets filter will now properly check win market text for greyhound place markets
ATM example strategy is fixed to work by its rules
Other minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
1st February 2019 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.10)
Security update for TLS 1.2
Change to use Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7
Bug fixes
26th November 2018 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.9)
Important fix regarding Betfair Stream API, switched from integration to live endpoint
Bets/results history can now be saved up to 60 days
Fixed bug with "Pause/restart after wins/losses" rule where wins/losses were not saved properly
Simulation mode will now handle keep and take sp persistence properly
Many new options for importing tips from Proform database, new layout and better customization
Editable tip fields at Manage tips form
Importing of tips from CSV file will ignore end of file data if it is not properly formatted
Sound notification when strategy is automatically paused
Optimized checking of finished markets and updating of their status
Other minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
27th September 2018 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.8)
After bet rules are no longer blocking requests, they execute asynchronously allowing more than one strategy to hedge their position at same time
Fixed "Unsettled markets" rule to handle failed bet placement properly
Refresh rate for importing tips can be low as 20 seconds
Updated functionality that gets historical football statistics, more leagues and teams
Optional use of inplayscanner.com.br football in play statistics service
Commission is rounded to 0.01 if it is less than 0.005
Total matched amount for selection is now saved with bets history
Export tips option added to "Manage tips" form
Functionality to auto upload tips via FTP to your own server added to "Manage tips" form
Updated logic that gets cleared orders, optmized it to get cleared orders for all settled markets, not individually for each market
More log entries are saved when bet placement fails
Other minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
14th May 2018 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.7)
Simulation mode now supports start price, unmatched, canceled, lapsed and voided bets!
Automatic importing of tips from your Proform database
New rule "Only when price at min/max" allows betting only when runner price reaches recorded min/max value. Also option to ignore this rule X seconds before start time
Option for "Price change - Steamers/drifters" rule to ignore it X seconds before start time
Fixed issue with void bets option where all bets got voided after X minutes
Improved "Dutching over multiple markets" rule to support finding market by market type, not just by name
New column "BSP" at bets history records Betfair Start Price
Fixed bug where event/market/selection name was missing in specific cases
Notification is displayed at main screen status bar if data is delayed
Improved layout auto load buttons
Other minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
26th February 2018 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.6)
New columns for number of winning/losing bets/markets and strike rate at STRATEGIES tab
Export/import markets functionality
Option to play notification sound on overall market profit
Pause/stop after X winning/losing markets rule has new option to use daily statistics, so that it stops betting only for current day and continues betting next day
Issue with application freezing (hang) is now fixed
Several stability and speed improvements
Settled bets are updated immediately when market is closed, no more delay to get settled bets
Account funds are updated faster after bets status changes
Silk images for Australian greyhounds are now displayed accurately
Other minor bug fixes, optimizations and improvements
20th December 2017 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.5)
Exchange Stream API is now used to get orders (matched/unmatched) updates
New "Bet type by handicap" selection rule added
New "Racing - Race type filter" market condition added
Importing of tips now supports importing of "Price" field at which bets on that tip should be placed at
Dutching for target profit has option to use set price when calculating bet sizes, not currently available market price
Improved logic to determine live scores by using correct score market prices
Each Export function will now remember its last used folder for export and open it on next export
Bug fixes and stability improvements
4th September 2017 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.4)
Price change - Steamers/Drifters condition improved to optionally use runners from new STEAMERS/DRIFTERS tab
Overall loss recovery now has safety option for Minimum Return On Investment
Session is now automatically renewed if connection is lost for long period of time
Exported private strategies now have optional expire date
More help tooltips added
New strategies now by default have price range, stake, time to bet conditions
Rolling p/l is now updated properly after removed runners
Bug fixes and stability improvements
21st June 2017 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.3)
1. Square root staking plan
2. Labouchere staking plan
3. Option to ignore price range X seconds before start time
4. Option to ignore imported tip bet type, stake and number of points
5. Trailing stop profit added to Max profit/loss both conditions
6. Up/down arrows now work also for initial/ending conditions
7. Refresh issue with group profit when grouping strategies is now fixed
8. Bug fixes and stability improvements
15th March 2017 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.2)
1. Added option to select strategies for "Percent of betting bank" staking plan
2. Recorded min/max prices are now adjusted by removed runner reduction factor
3. Notifications options at Tools&Settings allow you to select your own custom sound (.wav) file
4. Market condition "Tips options" now supports CSV list of favorite positions
5. Competitions filter allows adding/removing multiple competitions with single click
6. Added option to remove deselected markets after start time
7. Added option to "Trade out" condition to allow bet placement only before in play
8. Added option to "Football - Bet when score" to check score from half time instead of current score
9. New column "Country code" added to bets history
10. Bug fixes and stability improvements
9th January 2017 - Bf Bot Manager V3 update available (3.1.1)
1. New "Reversed Laboucher" staking plan
2. New condition "Only if specified strategies have profit/loss in range"
3. Football in play statistics condition now has filter for average pressure index that is provided by Inplaytrading third party service
4. Placing of some bets below Betfair minimum is faster as Betfair lowered minimum requirement for bets with liability higher than £10 or equivalent
5. Horses additional information (BF/C/D/CD, going etc.) is now more accurate and available for more races
6. Hedge condition warning message fixed and logic corrected to use OR logic for options groups
7. Fixed bug with "total" option in "Football - filter matches by team total goals in last X matches" condition
8. Example strategies like Little Acorns, ATM, DOBBING, bet on tips and bet on my selections are added
9. Other bug fixes and minor improvements
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