General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By Colinbest2

I've been working on a system that relies on the inplay high/low data from the timeform website but the inplay high/low figures only count prices that had a minimum of £100 payout. Upon investigation this seems to be the case on most websites that display inplay high and lows due to this is how the data is when taken from the betfair results spreadsheet directly. Thus I want to monitor markets and prices based on this criteria also. Is this possible? So I'm wanting to hedge but I only want the hedging functionality to monitor prices and trigger the hedging if the price has a minimum of £100 payout.

If this isn't possible are there any alternatives available? I could trade out, make an unmatched bet to try and achieve 50% profit but I'm not sure how I'd be able to setup a stoploss when the price drops by 30% of BSP at a payout of £100 or above.

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By BfBotManager
Sorry, there is no option for hedge to check if available amount on market is enough to match your bet or if the available amount is at least X.

But at "Tools&settings->General settings" form you can set bot to use only prices that have at least £XXX available to bet on them. By default this is set to £2.
By Colinbest2
Sounds like that setting in general settings could be what I'm looking for.

So does that setting affect price monitoring? If I was to change the setting to £100 and say I've put a bet on at BSP which is 10, if someone was to put £2 on at 5 and that was the only amount on 5would that then trigger the hedge due to the price dropping by 50% when I've set the hedge to execute after a 30% drop? Or would the setting then cause to the bot to not consider this as a price drop due to there only being £2 on it when the setting is set to £100?