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By MarkG
Lay under 1.5 goals help please

I'm trying to lay the under 1.5 goal market I'm loading the 1.5 O/U in markets tab...

Please take a look
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Rgds Mark
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By BfBotManager
Hi Mark,

Why are you using real mode? You should not use real mode while adjusting your settings and learning how software works. You will lose all your money like that as it is easy to make a mistake.

You should check strategy "Reports" tab to see which rule is preventing bet placement. Then adjust its settings.

Partial screenshots are not useful as they do not show all information. Screenshots should be saved by using "Save screenshot" button at bottom left corner of the main screen. Also you can export your strategy and then post it here to check its settings.
By MarkG
Screenshot 2023-11-21 194754 U 1.5.png
Screenshot 2023-11-21 194754 U 1.5.png (11.16 KiB) Viewed 77926 times
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Screenshot 2023-11-21 195209 Under 1.5 goals from tips .png
Screenshot 2023-11-21 195209 Under 1.5 goals from tips .png (3.49 KiB) Viewed 77926 times
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By BfBotManager
Thanks for posting this information.

Partial screenshot of imported tip does not show all columns and all tip data, so we do not know if tip was properly connected to the Betfair market/selection or not.

We do see few empty cells but no column headers for them, so most likely tips data is invalid and bot is unable to find right Betfair selection for them. For example, Start time is optional, you do not have to import it, but if you do then it has to be universal time, not your local time. If you import wrong start time then bot will be unable to connect that tip to the right market, so try removing StartTime column and then import your tip.

Most of tip columns from your Excel spreadsheet are not used at all, as they are not supported by the software. List of supported columns is listed in the manual, pages 174+: ... v3-version

You are not importing Betfair Market Id, which means that you will need to auto load all Over/under 1.5 goals markets to the main MARKETS grid view, otherwise bot will not be able to find the right market/selection.

Time to bet is set to 7h and 55m before in play, but to bet so early before start time you will also need to adjust Monitoring settings. Have you adjusted monitoring settings to monitor markets so early? This is explained in the manual and in following help article: ... ng-markets