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1. I have set up horse racing each way strategy but it's not placing bets. Can someone help me or point me to a guide? I'll be sending screenshots if needed. Is there a way to send it privately?

2. I want to place in play cricket bets, just not sure where to start from. Kindly guide.

3. I have a greyhounds racing strategy where I am trying to recover 100% loss but it works weird sometime, looks like something not right at my configuration. (Issue on staking.png attached) if you see attached file, wondering why bet at race 05:34 was reset to initial dutch stake (1.0 GBP) rather it should recover all. Also, on next race 05:37 it's trying to recover back. I want to overcome this exception. (x1.png and x2.png attached)

Kindly let me know if I need to provide additional details.

Many thanks for your help in advance!

Issue on staking.png
Issue on staking.png (239.61 KiB) Viewed 979 times
x1.png (95.55 KiB) Viewed 979 times
x2.png (86.64 KiB) Viewed 979 times
Hi there,

You can open support ticket by using Contact form at the website and send us strategy file:

Each Way markets must be loaded to the main MARKETS grid view and you should remove Overrounds or adjust them for those markets.

For cricket, it is same like for any other market. Please take time to read the manual as it has several detailed examples on how to create strategies: ... v3-version

For greyhound strategy, you should use "Market conditions->Unsettled markets" rule and set it to 1, so that next bet is only placed when all previous bets are settled. Also you are backing 4 runners and using dutching, so your return on investment (ROI) is very low and loss recovery has default setting set to 50% at "Overall loss recovery->Safety settings" tab. This means that loss recovery will not be added if ROI is less than 50%, as that could require very large or huge amounts of money to recover your loss. More on ROI you can read in the manual and in following help article: ... investment

Please keep using simulation mode while learning how software works and what each setting does.