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Written by Bf Bot Manager, 27th May 2015

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Creating a strategy in Bf Bot Manager V3 is not complicated and we are going to show how it's done from the very beginning, step by step.

The first step is to go to the "STRATEGIES" tab and click "Add new" button.

For the following example we are going to create a strategy which lays the first favorite horse if it's under 2.00 odds with loss recovery staking.

Each strategy is made of rules and conditions. This means that for each strategy you need to add market, selection, price and stake rules and conditions. Lets start with market rules. Go to "Market conditions" tab and click on the "Add rule" button.

First we will add "Events filter" because we want our strategy to bet only on horses. If you are creating strategy for other sports you still have to do the same and to choose your preferred sport.

In this example we will just add horses and click save.

The next step is to add a condition that determines the type of market we want to bet on. We click on "Add rule" and this time we choose "Markets filter" rule. We will be betting on the "WIN" market so this is what we will choose. Depending on your strategy you can choose whatever market type you want.

Then we need to add a "Time to bet" condition. We will set this from 60 seconds before start time to 0 seconds before start time. This can be changed accordingly depending on your strategy.

The final thing we are going to do on the "Market conditions" tab is to add an "Unsettled markets" condition.

Note: "Unsettled markets" condition is only needed for loss recovery staking in order to ensure that no bet is placed before the previous bet is settled. It ensures thas loss recovery and staking plans execute properly, and that bets are in order for the loss recovery to work right.

After all four conditions are set on the "Market conditions" tab the bot should look like on image below, and we can move on to the "Selection conditions" tab.

We click on the "Selections conditions" and on "Add rule" button. The first condition that we need is "Min/Max selections price". We want the first favorite lay price to be in the range of 1.01 to 1.99.

The next condition we need to add on the "Selections conditions" tab is the bet type. We are going to use "Bet type by favorite position", set it to 1st favorite and to lay bet type.

The next condition which is good to be added is the "Back and lay price ratio". This is to ensure the difference between the back price and the lay price is not big when bets are placed, so that we get good and valid price. The default 15% is fine. Difference in ticks can be used as well.

After this "Selections conditions" tab should like look on image below, and now we can move on to the "Price settings" tab.

On the "Price settings" tab there are two main conditions. "Default price" and "Price rules". The "Default price" is used if we want to place bets always at same price that we set. In this case we are going to use "Price rules" which allows us to take the currently available price on market which should ensure that our bet gets matched instantly.

Last thing left to set is bet size and staking plan. This is done at "Staking tab".

V3 offer all kinds of staking plans and loss recovery systems. In most cases you should chose one or two rules at this tab.

Depending on the type of your strategy you can choose your preferred staking. In this example we are going to use "Overall loss recovery" but first we need to add "Level/initial stake" condition.

Depending on the type of staking you may not need to add "Level/initial stake" condition, if ever in doubt do not hesitate to contact us.

After setting our initial stake we will add the "Overall loss recovery" condition.

"Overall loss recovery" has a lot of options, so please see manual for details on each option.

Now we have a fully working strategy! We need to load markets to bet on and start this strategy.

You should test your strategy in simulation mode and also add some safety rules at "Safety rules tab" e.g. max profit/loss rule or rule to pause/stop the bot after X wins or losses.

Written by Bf Bot Manager, 27th May 2015

For any questions regarding this article/strategy please use article forum thread and ask Bf Bot Managerdirectly!