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    Bet on imported tips

    With Bf Bot Manager V3 you can easily import betting tips from file or web location and set your strategy to bet only on those tips. This can be set within a minute or two, but it does require that you follow below guidelines to ensure that bot bets on imported tips accurately and by your rules.

    Tips must have required information like selection name and market type, so that bot can find those selections at Betfair markets. Supported tips format is explained in general v3 manual

    If your tips contain Betfair market ID then bot will automatically load that market to MARKETS grid view. But if your tips do not have market ID then you will need to use auto load settings to load markets for your tips. After markets are loaded bot will automatically connect your tips with loaded markets/selections. If bot was able to connect your tip with Betfair data then event ID, market ID, selection ID and start time columns will be populated at tips form. 

    Tips file can be created by picking your selections manually by using "My S." column and then exporting those selections as tips by using menu item "Export tips - My S. selections to file". 

    You can also import tips from TippingSports by using your unique link that is available at your profile page. This unique link will contain tips from tipsters that you decide to follow or subscribe to and tips will be in format that Bf Bot Manager V3 supports. In this case markets will be loaded automatically as TippingSports unique link returns Betfair market IDs with tips.

    Once you have tips loaded properly to tips form you can set strategy to bet on those tips. This can be done by using example strategy that comes with software and is already set to bet on all imported tips. It is best that you duplicate that example strategy and then to modify it by your own needs. 

    Main rule in strategy that is betting on imported tips is "Staking->Bet on imported selections/tips" rule. This rule is the one that will make your strategy bet only on imported tips. All other rules in your strategy still must be satisfied before bets can be placed e.g. Back/Lay Ratio, Overrounds, Time to bet, Price ranges etc. 

    Your strategy should in most cases have "Bet on imported tips" rule at the top of rules at Staking tab, so that it first executes at Staking tab (use up/down arrows to move it to first place). Only exceptions are "Level/initial stake" and "Percent of betting bank" staking that should be first set at Staking tab. 

    Your tips can contain bet type, price, price range, stake, points data that will be used by your strategy betting on those tips. For example, if you specify min and max price range with your tips then strategy will automatically check if price at which will place bet is within this tip min/max price range. In same way, if you set bet type with your tip then strategy will use that bet type when placing bets. 

    Usually tipsters provide number of "points" with their tips. This is used to tell you how much to stake on that tip, if they are confident that tip will win then they stake more points (e.g. 2.0) and if it is risky tip then they stake less (e.g. 0.25). Number of points is multiplied with stake that you set at Staking tab. For example, if you set "Level/initial stake" of £10 at Staking tab and imported tip has 5 points, then actual bet size of your bet will be 5 x £10 = £50!

    It is always best that you test your strategy in simulation mode to ensure you have set it all properly.

    If your tips file contains "Provider" column, that is usually set to tipster name, then you can create separate strategy for each tipster and set different rules, stake, price range etc. In that case at "Bet on imported selections/tips" rule you can specify provider (tipster) name that is supplied with your tips and strategy will bet only on tips from that provider/tipster. 

    Only 1 bet can be placed for each imported tip. If you plan on having more than one strategy that will bet on same tips then you should create tips with different provider name for each strategy. 

    At "Tips auto loading" form you can set automatic loading of tips e.g. every few minutes/hours. This will allow you to leave bot working 24/7 and betting on imported tips without any interaction from you. Once you set it up you will have fully automated solution that can work for days betting on your tips or tips from your tipsters. 

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