Soccer bot - draw betting

This bot can be used only with Soccer "Match Odds" markets that are available for live betting at Betfair. User must manually add markets that will be used by bot.

Main bot idea is to place Lay bet on Draw few minutes before market goes in-play, and later while market is in play to place Back bet when possible to take profit of X%.

So, the bot places Lay bet before in play on Draw. When market goes in play, then price on Draw will slowly go down while result is 0:0, but when goal is scored price will go up and in most cases it is higher than the price on Draw before in-play. In this moment when price on Draw goes up, bot will place Back bet so it hedges existing Lay bet and take profit. Bot will hedge Lay bet only if possible to take X% of profit regardless of match outcome. User is able to set x% of stake that he wants to win.

Supported markets

  • Soccer Match Odds markets that are available in play - live betting
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