Multiple favorites bot

This bot will automatically place Back or Lay bets on one or more favorites for loaded markets. Markets grid view will load markets data and sort them by start time, after that it will start collecting markets information until markets are closed. User is able to set price ranges for Back/Lay bets, Back and Lay overrounds and maximum profit/loss values. Bot also supports lay to liability option, time when to place bets and loss pot recovery.

Supported markets

  • Horse races, Win, Place or both Win & Place
  • Greyhounds
  • Soccer - Match Odds, Over/Under 2.5, Half Time/Full Time, Correct score
  • Any other markets added by using "Add Markets" form (e.g. Darts, Tennis, Snooker...)
  • Both exchanges are supported, United Kingdom and Australian
  • Filtering of markets by name
  • Commission calculation


This bot is using markets data grid view, which offers you to make list of your own selections for each market. You can select several runners for each market, and for each runner you can set bet type (Back or Lay) and custom amount.

Markets data grid view will place bets on your selections by rules defined in "My Selections->Options" screen.

    Some of the features supported by this bot:
  • Simulation mode
  • Bet on single or multiple favorites by position at same market
  • Bet on all favorites that are in price range
  • Min/max price range for each favorite or general min/max price range
  • Staking plan - Simple Sequence, you can set any staking sequence
  • Staking plan - Maria
  • Staking plan - 1-4
  • Staking plan - Parlay
  • Staking plan - Odds staking ladder
  • Staking plan - D'Alembert
  • Staking plan - Lay Up Down
  • Staking plan - Recovery after win
  • Commission is taken from profit and loss
  • Commission can be added to bet size
  • "% staking" plan, general or for each favorite
  • Ratchet staking, general or for each favorite
  • Lay to liability, general or for each favorite
  • Amount to win, general or for each favorite
  • Min & Max Profit and Loss
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Reset profit, loss and loss pot when Max Loss reached and continue betting
  • Reset profit, loss and loss pot when Max Profit reached and continue betting
  • Pause bot when max profit/loss reached
  • Back & Lay overrounds
  • Back & Lay ratio
  • Individual or grouped loss recovery
  • Overall market loss recovery, not for each bet
  • Loss pot recovery, for user bets and for bot bets
  • Smart loss recovery
  • Max loss recovery liability
  • Min loss recovery amount
  • Increase loss recovery after X losing bets
  • Recover stake not just loss
  • Recover only loss, do not add stake
  • Min & Max number of runners
  • Place only bets on your selections
  • Place bot bet only if there is no user bet on that selection
  • Place bot bet only if there is no user bet on that market
  • Skip race if there is clear favorite
  • Skip race if there is no clear favorite
  • Skip race if there is removed runner with reduction factor greater than X%
  • User is able to set his own favorite
  • User bets supported
  • Bets history
  • Export of bets history and markets
  • Stop if winning/losing run of X bets
  • For each losing bet in row increase stake by X amount
  • Do not adjust Back stake, just add loss recovery to the bet
  • Number of allowed unsettled markets
  • Request for higher/lower price, make sure your bets get matched
  • Many more options and settings
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