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Official Betdaq API solution!

Before you download or buy our software make sure that you:
With all our products you get:
  • 3 betting bots specialized in betting on favorites (tips or user selections), trading and dutching. Ladder/grid control for manual betting and trading is also included.
  • Free updates and improvements, see our history of updates and improvements! We publish updates regularly and add improvements that our customers want!
  • Unlimited email and forum fast support!
  • Access to our forum and its private members section where you can discuss your strategies and settings with hundreds of our other customers.
  • Possibility to order custom bot that is specialized to your strategy.

Prices on this website are quoted exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) where applicable. VAT is applicable only for United Kingdom, and therefore depends on your billing address. VAT will be calculated at checkout.

Licenses for Bf Bot Manager V2, BQ Bot Manager V2, MB Bot Manager V2, Soccer bot and Bf Notes are valid for life for use with a single account and there is no subscription for those license keys. Any other add-ons and bots for Bf Bot Manager V2, MB Bot Manager V2 and BQ Bot Manager V2 may be based on subscription or such other bases as we decide. Bf Bot Manager V3 is subscription based.

Credit/debit cards are securely processed by PayPal. Payment processing is automatic and full license key will be emailed to you immediately once the payment is processed. Please make sure that you mark our emails as safe so that you receive license key automatically. We do not guarantee to offer any add-ons or updates.

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