professional bots and tools for betting at Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges

V3 version is official solution for Betfair and Matchbook APIs. It allows you to run unlimited number of strategies/bots at same time. Only limitation is your computer speed!
V2 version is official Betdaq API solution that comes with 4 fully automated bots and ladder control for manual betting at any market!

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Bf Bot Manager V3 version
V3 version is our best bot and is capable of doing everything that all other bots can do.
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Back/Lay Multiple Favorites Bot
is available with V2 version. It is able to bet on multiple favorites at same market, recover loss for each favorite, bet on user bets and much more.
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Horse Races Trader Bot
will take only one minute of your time to start bot each day in the morning and it will trade on any racing or other market!
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Dutching Bot
will automatically place bets at your target overround or dutching bets for target profit or set exposure.
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Soccer Bot - Draw Betting bot
This bot works by "Lay The Draw" football strategy and is available with V2 version. V3 version for Betfair has strategy that works in same way.
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Ladder/Grid Control
is ideal for manual trading or betting on any event.
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Then please watch Video Tutorials and read Manuals.

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Bf Bot Manager is a complete bot management system for betting at Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges that allows you to bet or trade on any market, like greyhounds, horses win/place, football events, tennis, snooker, darts, rugby and much more.

Bf Bot Manager has bots for trading, placing back/lay bets on favorite, ladder control for manual trading or betting, betting on tips, loss pot recovery system and many other tools that will help you make profit at betting exchanges.

Any of our bots can be modified by your request, or we can create new custom bot for you if needed. We can develop a custom bot, new software, web site or anything else that is related to software development. For more info on custom bots and services that we can offer you please see our services page.

What can BF BOT MANAGER do?

This is a sports bot system designed for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges. There are different subscription pricing plans available for each version. All updates for our software are free.

V2 allows you to load the bot of your choice into its management structure and start betting or trading.
V3 allows you to create strategies that will bet or trade by pre defined rules, or you can use ladder and grid controls and bet manually.

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Ok many thanks for all your assistance,and may i just add,I think this Bot is probably the best all round, base to base, every angle covered piece of software that i have ever come across,And i would like to congratulate you and your programming skills for such an amazing piece of work and ingenuity.

As a programmer myself i can appreciate all the hard work that has gone into producing such a fine piece of work.

Best regards,

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To get a better idea simply imagine Bf Bot Manager as a games console. You load in the bot of your choice and start playing, so if you prefer horses, greyhounds, soccer, rugby, tennis, darts... the choice is there and you don't have to buy yet another bot from yet another vendor.

Bf Bot Manager can be your definitive bot. We are constantly developing new bot theories everyday and these are simply added to the bot when required.

With Bf Bot Manager you can bet on any market, lay multiple selections in the same races or different markets, bet on favourites, play the place markets and a whole lot more!