General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By dalecheckley

I've been running a bot for a few months backing 4th fav but the bot is getting on different horses compared to the sp prices what makes it the 4th fav, is there anyway ensuring or any setting I can put in to.make sure it gets on the sp 4th fav.

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By BfBotManager
Hi there,

SP is only known after race goes in play. It is unknown before in play and you cannot use it when placing your bets to determine favorite positions.

Please post screenshots of your settings to check them.
By Shadownin
I've been using this settings the whole time and not checking what horse it actually placed a bet on.

Does this mean it doesnt bet on the 4th fav (or whatever you set it to) in regards to the odds?

for example if there are 5 horses and the odds for backing are:

It wouldnt bet on the 5th horse which should be favourite in this case in terms of odds order? It's only calculated when its in play?

I know you said it only kicks in once horses are in play but just want to double check, as I thought it did it at any time.

What does it do if it is set before then? Also is this the same for 4th runner if the race hasnt started too?