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Query about targeting form in the "Filter horses by detailed information":

Do I have to include the "-" (hyphen) which appears in shorthand form to separate different seasons? Also, the "/" (forward-slash) which appears when there has been a prolonged period of inactivity.

As a simple example, if I wanted to target horses that have won their last 2 races and a horse won it's last race of the previous season and the first race of this season, the form would appear as follows:


So, if I set the targeting to allow betting on horses where the form ends with 11. Would that work? Or would I have to include 11, 1-1 and 1/1.

If I have to allow for hyphens the combinations required get pretty big very quickly For example, targeting horses that finished in the top 3 for the last 3 races would require this (I have much more complex requirements than this)


A suggestion to improve this - it would be great to be able to target form with regex. It would make it much easier to manage.
Hi Rade,

I have another query relating to this.

How would I target only horses that are making their debut - so it's their first race.

Should I just disallow all possible final characters of the form values?

So something like:

Do not allow betting on selections whose FORM is equal to or ends with one of the following values: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,-,/,p,f,u

Or is there another setting I haven't seen that would be a simpler approach?