General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By dn6789
lets keep our sportsline picks and use away from the other strategy building

remember in sports betting no-one goes 100-100 if you hit 65% that is considered good - so be aware that you will need some slight recovery action

also I wanted to mention that sportsline model every soccer game so that may interest you as well


you just have to search for the info on the site.

I think the promo codes "EDGE" "SNOW" will work that will give you some free time to see if you want to subscribe or not.
By dn6789
and Soccer is the one sport I know nothing about - I am pretty good with NFL College Sports and NBA

I just used those 2 bets last night to give me higher odds for the parlay.

Also if your getting into SportsBetting and your using bookmakers - try to get a deposit bonus to help with your bankroll.
By Beerio
I will be joining Sportline and give them a chance. Gonna give the top 5 cappers a bankroll each then just use a staking plan from there on (Still not sure which plan I would be using, but I will make a choice before I start staking). My plan was to use line staking that's not on the BFBM and it goes like so:

To win: 1pt, 1pt, 1pt, 1pt

Example: Bills @ 1.80 - Stake 1.25pts to win 1pt, if this bet wins then I would cross out 1st 1pt bet in the line, but if it loses then it would go to end of the line.

If win line would look: 1pt, 1pt, 1pt
If lose like would look: 1pt, 1pt, 1pt, 1.25pt

Hope this makes sense if anyone has any takes on this just shout in here.
By dn6789
this is a great question

initially I had it all set up on the Bot and just input the tips - right that was our goal and you can still do that if you want

but the thing is I am trying to bet these when the picks come up - before the lines move - so you get a bit of an edge compared to placing a bet 5 minutes before

I guess this comes down to your time -- if you have time you probably go with bookmaker if not set it up in BF Bot Manager.

A couple of things I saw yesterday Matt Severance went 5/0 in NHL -- which I mentioned he seems much stronger at than some of the football -- so it is kind of crucial to make sure your following the best capper for your sport

Also on twitter I saw one guy say the soccer model hit every game but one - so yeah honestly it is up to you to pick your sport - find the best capper - or use their model and place your bets.

Bankroll is different than sports obviously - and your needing to think about some slight recovery method which I mentioned a few times.

Remember if this is new to you and you need some guide and no-one is on the forum -- you can go search sportsline on youtube -- go to their channel and watch "The Early Edge" "NFL Picks" "College Picks" and they will explain it for you.

How I am doing this right now is :

taking 200-300 a day from Horses/Dogs - betting "the early edge selections" and betting a couple parlays based on their ideas.

then I am betting NFL NBA + College Football -- using the highest rated people -- when the selections come out.

Will do NHL following Matt Severance next week as this just started.

Anyway pick and choose what works for you and do not get too aggressive betting sports is a little different than racing ... good luck.
By dn6789
in BF Bot Manager

I set it up to autoload the sports I wanted

then went into the game I wanted to bet -- checked the box to make the selection and sent it into the manage tips section

then had the strategy to bet/recover etc based on those tips

once you do it once you will understand
By dn6789
also you could set up certain strategies for a capper

"Larry" "Matt" -- then when you send the tips to manage tips just use their name

then in strategy have it only bet on tips "larry" etc - so you can keep track of performance and what sort of recovery you need for each person

because some make a lot of picks - some make a few - so you can perhaps manage that better.
By dn6789
if you are using the Bot to bet - the instruction guide is pretty easy to follow if you need it

hit a few games there today - but the Parlay lost due to that NCAA Football game -- thats about $500-$600 swing on the one game

so took some profit out of my racing - and put some bets on some of the NCAA and NFL picks -- some guys get their picks in early - but as you get closer more and more will add -- it is just who you follow really.

matt severance was saying earlier he is 13-2 over the last 2 days -- so like I said he is a guy to follow - but ease off a little on his football picks.
By dn6789
so that is why I have been talking about this site for a while -- its no BS - once you figure out what you want to bet on - you get enough tips to win with .. with the normal ups and downs of sportsbetting.

Ok enough from me - look forward to some feedback at some point
By dn6789
these are the picks I bet on already -- and will keep adding all the way through to Monday Night Football

all from Sportsline Cappers/Models
picks.PNG (35.83 KiB) Viewed 13682 times
By dn6789

if your not at least trying this - your missing out in my opinion - today was a great day - and we got bets for the next 2 days on and will add more
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By woweee
Hi DN6789

Unless I'm doing something wrong some bets aren't available on Betfair such as

UNDER 45.5

Are you using a bookie ?
By dn6789
this is what I was saying about using Betfair vs a Bookmaker

you can use Betfair but the lines move all the time and the liquidity until right before an event is bad.

Initially when I started I was using the Bot and Betfair - now I bet these with the Bookmakers because of that reason -- even though you probably get better odds at the time with Betfair

so yeah I use bookmakers now -- but honestly depends how much time you have available and when your favorite cappers release their picks.

I am only posting this stuff so you can see - that you can win at this if you just find the right selections.
By dn6789
won more money in racing - so put more money into sports picks

this is what I have at the moment

please keep in mind they have soccer MMA Golf - everything really -- it is just what you want and finding the best capper or model performance wise

plus always having a recovery part in your strategy because they will not win every game even though Matt has done really well last few days.

as for me it is big racing day here - so as I win money today will keep putting more money into picks ... NCAAF / NHL / NFL and NHL

sometimes you can get a better line than me - sometimes you cannot - they move around ... Ok I will be back bit later have things to do.

2 main resources for this :

1. sportslines youtube channel - where they have videos on everything ... and their website -- sometimes you got to click a few times to get what you want

2. BF Bot Manager Instruction Manual - where they talk about strategies by cappers / recovery options and this sort of thing -- once you learn how to do it once - it is not hard.

(((I hope you can see why I am posting this stuff -- all you need with the Bot is good selections and this is one way to not have to worry about building your own stuff - they already have done it for you)))
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By dn6789
also you should not be relying on me to post what I am betting on -- everyone of those plays is direct from sportsline -- so you can get them whenever you want if you take a trial or subscribe

like I said I signed up at the time 1 year 29.99 on a promotion - they have offers all the time -- right now use "EDGE" or "SNOW" for a free trial and use it for yourself... or wait for black friday XMAS or a time like that for a yearly subscription discount

29.99 for a year of picks from these cappers is dirt cheap but anyway it is up to you.
By dn6789

ncaa mens college football

I will try I am adding bets as I win in horse racing

today so far MT won memphis lost and there is a couple more to go

anyway I am not going to sit on the PC here - going to go watch the races from my home theatre couch where it is more relaxing than PC chair LOL

have a good one and good luck
By dn6789
so the games played today

Colorado St Under Won
Memphis Lost
Middle TN Won
Dallas Stars Won

I had 2 bets on memphis and 2 on dallas stars

but lets just stay simple 4/2 for the day

By dn6789
OK I am going to summarize where I am with sportsline over the last 4-5 days

I took about 3k of winnings from my racing models - put it into sportsline picks - the same people I mentioned here in these posts

Severance - Hartstein - their Model - RJ - Mcclure - Early Edge Podcast, Micah, Fornelli and a few others

and this morning the total is now 4512.70 - or $1512.70 profit - plus there is still 3 games to go where I have money on and so that will be between $0 - $350

of course how much money you make has to do with your bankroll - number of games and risk - but all I can tell you is if you stick to a plan - select your handicappers - use some recovery

you will make a profit.

for whatever the price they charge it is a bargain if your into this for the long run -- use BF Manager - use a bookmaker - whatever works best for you.

All I have tried to do is show you how to make money in horses - GH and now sportsbetting -- so yeah the rest is up to you really -- learn the skills you need -- stay within your bankroll and yeah make some money.