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By clembool

Is there a way to set a strategy that back a goal at specific moment ?

i.e : I'd like to back a second half goal whatever the current score is.

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By BfBotManager
Hi there,

You can use "Football - Match status" to allow betting during second half.

Then use "Bet on next over/under market" rule to bet on next over/under X goals market, this will use current score to decide the next over/under market.

Use "Bet type by RUNNER position" to set bet type on 2nd runner by position, that is X goals selection.

Make sure you auto load all over/under X goals markets and then test it in simulation mode.
By clembool
OK nice.
Do you know why bets dont fire ? Some fire and some dont.
I autoload every in play over / under market.


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By BfBotManager
You need to load Over/under X goals markets, not first half goals, correct score, both teams to score, draw no bet, double chance markets.
By simonmuir62
Sorry to piggy back on the back of this, but in the exact same vain, can I do this but back 2 goals ahead? So if it's 1-0 at HT, back over 2.5? If it's 2-0, back over 3.5 etc?
By cfc11
How do you stop the strategy backing twice? For example, it backs the Over 1.5 market, and then a goal happens right then, so it also places another back bet this time on the Over 2.5 market.
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By BfBotManager
At strategy "Edit" form, the one where you set strategy name, you have option for maximum number of bets per EVENT, set it to 1 and then try again.