General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
Hey DN6789

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your hard work. You've saved me some headaches in trying to figure this stuff out on my own while giving direction.

At this point I've managed to stumble across one basic strategy that's giving me about $10-30 a day while I learn how to use AI to shift through data. While I'm only doing it on the side, I expect it'll take me a few months to come up with anything decent. If I think of anything to help with your own sequences I'll be sure to pass it along but at this point I'm just fumbling through.

Thanks again
Hey mate! Fellow Aussie here. Long time reader, first time poster. This information is priceless! Slowly trying to get my head around the little hints you give out.. and when they click they work.. I set up some “long odd shot bots” with filters from your information you have hinted out, built the bots yesterday and first 24 hours it was up 74 units. I couldn’t believe it. They don’t hit that often but when they hit they are BIG odds. Anyway cheers mate, slowly trying to bring it all together but the future looks bright
There was tons of content from the original all of which I can't remember. I believe that DN has deleted their user and all posts have gone too. The reason I suspect is that DN was primarily betting on AU dogs where the market volume is often very thin and if too many people enter those markets the odds will tighten making them less attractive to bet on.

The general idea is that DN had multiple linked strategies to cover both faves and outsiders winning. There were no laying strats and BSP was used because that gives a slight edge when backing.

Simple sequence overall P/L staking was used in stages to increment bets over approx. 6-8 steps up to about 4x original stake before resetting back to the original stake.

I suspect that single sequence was used only on the fave strats and that the outsider strats would home in on particular odds/traps and possibly more. For example: Races where Fave 1 odds are quite high tend to be more open than those where there are clear faves, also where fave 1 and 2 are very close in odds and running in adjacent traps, there's an opportunity for the dogs to collide and let a big odds outsider win.
Hi Andy,

I never tried properly to link all strategies because I was unable to get decent enough filtering on the individual strats.

I think that DN mentioned that if we have fave backing strats which alone are showing an average SR of 40% then we can link them together with a reset for all strats at given amounts to give us a combined target and stop loss.

The thread meandered around with scatterings of things to look for and the system was deliberately never described in clear detail. There was a lot of info. missing and it wasn't possible just to read the thread and create a bunch of strats to do the same thing.

Key messages were:

The importance of research - under what conditions does a fave or outsider win? What's the spread of odds like under different scenarios? Is there a trap bias? etc.

The importance of SR - occasional "tweaking" was required to ensure that all strats maintained a high SR.

The importance of risk management - linking the strats to all reset at the same time prevented getting hit with high stakes losses on bad runs.

The importance of getting the best price - using BSP and not backing at odds which were too low to make any decent profits in the long run - the lowest limit was 1.8 I believe.

The importance of not expecting to get it right all the time - some strategies could pick 2 or 3 dogs instead of just aiming for one winner - however the odds needed to be relatively high to able to eke a profit out of those.