General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By Coolathan

There is a lot of great articles and reading out there about strategies however I havent manage to find any resources for my semi-manual needs.

Is it possible to set up a strategy that auto bets my selections for the 2nd best back or lay price down to a certain manually set price?

Example the back price is 2.0 and the next best price on the exchange is 2.18, I would then like to auto place some stake on 2.16, and if someone offers 2.14 I want 2.12 etc.

Ive seen this endless times when betting and was wondering if its something BFBM offers?

Best regards,
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By BfBotManager
Hi there,

There is "After bet rules->First in the queue" rule to update your bet to best available price, but there is no option to keep updating your bet to the second best available price. It is something that we can add in the future to improve this rule.