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By pajak
Please help me set up BOT (Soccer):

Basic rate, e.g. 1 Euro
1) after meeting the conditions, BOT buys the LAY 6.0 bet
2) after purchasing LAY, immediately issues a pending BACK 3.0 bet (BACK odds = always 50% of LAY odds)

Sample BACK rate and converted stake:
LAY odds 6.0 (stake 1 Euro) ---> BACK odds 3.0 (stake 2 Euro)
LAY odds 5.4 (stake 1 Euro) ---> BACK odds 2.7 (stake 2 Euro)
LAY odds 4.6 (stake 1 Euro) ---> BACK odds 2.3 (stake 2 Euro)

How should I set BOT the parameters to immediately issue BACK odds after buying a LAY bet (BACK odds = always 50% of odds LAY)?
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By BfBotManager
That is not possible, as Back bet would get matched at best available odds in that moment and that is odds of 6.0. That is how exchange works, it matches your bet at best available price.