General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges

Which of these suggestions would you personally find beneficial?

1. Sequence/Restart on Win/Restart at End - data retention (daily p/l, strike rate).
2. A simple, small graph function (Daily and long term profit/loss chart).
3. Select Function - easier selection of multiple strategies (when 'select all' isn't what you're after).
4. Restart function - an easier way to restart multiple strategies, eg in a certain filtered view.
5. Columns showing Peaks, troughs and drawdown data - both daily and all time, with total for all strategies.
Hi there,

I find there's some fantastic data available in terms of strike rate and profit/loss daily, and within the Bets tab. However, I have some suggestions for higher quality and more transparent results tracking in the future.

(By the way, if anyone has created a spreadsheet template that they use to manually download daily data and track this info, it would be SO appreciated if you'd be happy to share it here).

1. Sequence/Restart on Win/Restart at End - data retention - I find the restart after x losses function so important in sequencing in managing profit/loss. However, we lose strategy strike rates and daily profit/loss at each restart. This provides a misleading daily profit/loss tally at the bottom of the screen, as it doesn't account for profit/loss prior to the restart.

I'd love to see additional columns that retain daily strike rate and profit/loss, with their own daily tally, to show us the true daily performance. I know the overall p/l is retained, and we could work this out from our daily balance, but this doesn't give us good data on how we went today or where we need to look at making improvements.

2. A simple, small graph function for each strategy showing the long-term movement of profit/loss. Would help to provide context during drawdown periods and confidence that the strategy has been there before and responded positively (or, tells us that the strategy needs improving to level out the big swings).

3. Select Function - A way to drag and select (or shift+click) multiple strategies rather than clicking each one individually, for example if we want to export or restart a large number of strategies at the same time. Alternatively, 'select all in current view' (see below).

4. Restart function - Ability to restart all strategies in the current view (or even just select them per #3 above, then we could use restart selected option). For example, let's say you've filtered your shown strategies to only those with the word 'Greyhound', and you want to restart those manually. 'Restart all in current view' would be very convenient compared to having to select the items first.

5. Peaks, troughs and drawdown data - following on from items (1) and (2) above - daily and all time data showing the highest level of profit, lowest level of loss, and maximum drawdown for each strategy (and all strategies, including by group). Again, we could work this out manually, but it's time consuming and many of us are time poor, which is why we use a bot!

It would be great if this sort of data could be incorporated into the software as it helps us identify what is working, what is not, if there are trends (ie. a strategy might be profitable 12-6pm but not 9-11pm).

Don't get me wrong, I love the software - these are merely suggestions for future updates which I think would ultimately see more BF Bot Manager sales as the end user will be more profitable.