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I exported a strat from sim to live for the first day running live. I then imported the days selections about two hours before the first race via file in both sim and real (first day testing live) which worked fine.

Markets in both are autoloaded every 6 hours, market is monitored 12 hours before in-play "time to bet" is set for 12 hours before in play however the sim places all bets at once as soon as the tips are imported (which is what I want) but the live version seems to place bets at irregular intervals. There's plenty of $ in the bank and Unsettled markets is not required so it's not that.

The only market conditions are Event, Market, Region and Time To Bet, the only selection condition is Default Bet Type, price settings are initial price, staking is stake and Bet on Imported Tips with the providers name, no after bet rules, no safety rules. All other stats ar paused live - Any ideas?