General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By Beerio
I will be joining Sportline and give them a chance. Gonna give the top 5 cappers a bankroll each then just use a staking plan from there on (Still not sure which plan I would be using, but I will make a choice before I start staking). My plan was to use line staking that's not on the BFBM and it goes like so:

To win: 1pt, 1pt, 1pt, 1pt

Example: Bills @ 1.80 - Stake 1.25pts to win 1pt, if this bet wins then I would cross out 1st 1pt bet in the line, but if it loses then it would go to end of the line.

If win line would look: 1pt, 1pt, 1pt
If lose like would look: 1pt, 1pt, 1pt, 1.25pt

Hope this makes sense if anyone has any takes on this just shout in here.
By woweee
Hi DN6789

Unless I'm doing something wrong some bets aren't available on Betfair such as

UNDER 45.5

Are you using a bookie ?
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By OzziJoe
Hi dn6789,

Would you mind to advise where can I find some historical results data for Sportsline experts?
Like for last 2-3 seasons. Thanks.
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By OzziJoe
Probably you are right, I do not need you for that.
But there seems to be no records on their website only last X games and you are the only one promoting them here so this is why I asked you.
BTW thank you for your answer. :)
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By OzziJoe
You are greatly mistaken if you think I want you to do everything for me.
Lines like X from Y all time or last season/Z games has nothing to analyze about and can be greatly misleading.
Historical data means the list of all bets with odds, etc. for given time frame you can analyze from different angles.
dn6789, obviously you do not understand what I am talking about.
Anyway I will leave this topic to you, it's clear you are looking at it from different point.
Nothing wrong with this, everybody has her/his point of view.
By Sr8822541
Hi DN,

Thanks for sharing your inputs. I was on a long break and just started on betting again. Recently, I took the one year subscription for SportsLine and I have to give it a go yet.

So just going through all your posts on this to gather all information to help me get started. I am just having trouble to find few things on the site. Like when you say "Models", are those the ones under the Picks section? Please see the image. (If you can, please provide the URL's for best models you have seen on the site).

Also, could not find certain sports like Soccer etc., Just wanted to know how to find this on website. I would be just focussing on college football, NBA, NHL and NFL for now to start with.

I can find all the experts and their tips on popular sports, but may I know how exactly you get them on excel sheets through scraping. Like which tools you used? or (it would be great if you can share this macro or process to help me get started)

Thankful as always for your posts.

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By OzziJoe
You are the only one dn6789 here who called yourself dummy.
Anyway just ... just grow up.
And do not bother yourself to answer me here - it will be ignored.
By Sr8822541
Thanks DN.

Yeah I also want to bet on Bookies for now. I noted top experts from your information before on different thread and will be betting on those.

So I wanted to scrape all these experts into a excel mainly for tracking and staking calculation, so I can bet on them and also have auto load functionality to keep the excel updated every 1 hour.

As you can see I am trying to do that, but no luck. Maybe scraping from bookies is easier. I have used RapidMiner software in the past for Machine learning models at Uni, but cant find the scraper extension for chrome in webstore.

I am also based in Australia, so unfortunaltely we do not have Sportsline mobile app in appstore to get any notifications etc., Anyway hope I keep this momentum up and do something with these tips.
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By Sr8822541
Ha okay. I found it. I was searching for RapidMiner name. Will try to train it.

Thats real strange, I cant see the app and it says not available in your country. I have an android.

Yeah saw the Paramount option as well while subscribing. But didnt pay attention as it said only US.
By Sr8822541
Hi DN,

I am analysing tipster past results and running Stakes on them to see if I can make any profit. So in this example I scarped past 110 tips from Larry in NFL.

Also for testing purposes I assumed all tips odds were at $1.83 and Stake at $10. For Level stakes I made around $64 profit. But, for reco staking, I made the same profit around $61.

Attaching the graph to show trend between stake and overall P/L. I manually increased stake the next day say from $10 to $12, $14 $16 and so on, if the previous days overall is in negative.

Tried to attach excel, but it didnt allow, so providing two screenshots of the same to give you an idea.

Please have a look and let me know how you approach with staking in this case. This would help me to know when to increase and how much to make more profit than level staking.
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By Coach
Hey mate, I am new to BBM but not Sportsline, super interesting take on the 2. I had similar ideas myself but had not not considered mining / scraping. I am familiar but not experienced, definitely intend to learn more and create a bot to place my bets for me. Also, check out Action Network, its similar but different to Sportsline.
By Coach
dn6789 wrote: Sat Mar 04, 2023 10:09 pm Yeah I got heavy into sports there for a while

now I just build them myself - but sites like sportsline or action are a great way to start

good luck with it
Cheers mate