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Have set up a strat for a goal after the 60m, the bot is firing and placing the bets but results are showing as a loss even in matches that had a goal/goals later in the match.

I want the strat to check the score at 60m, say 0-0, check the home team was at certain odds pre-match which it looks to be doing, then place a Back bet on the over 0.5 market for another goal if the odds are over 1.8

Setup is as follows:
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60m - 2.jpg
60m - 2.jpg (73.99 KiB) Viewed 1360 times
Your "Markets filter" rule is wrong as you set it to bet on two different markets, Match odds and Over/under goals. Please remove "MATCH_ODDS" market type if you want to bet for one more goal to be scored.

Please post screenshots of placed bets and of your settings at "Tools&settings->General settings->Results" form.
Thanks for the quick reply, yes just looked at the results and it is betting on the match odds market, if I remove that how do i get it to check the home teams pre match price before placing the bet on the overs market. Before I added the Match Odds market it wasn't firing.
You already have rule "Selection conditions->Bet if specific market selection is in price range" in your strategy, so that rule will check match odds market for price range of selection that you selected at this rule. Just make sure that Match odds market is loaded at main MARKETS grid view.

Please also read manual for details on how each rule works and for step by step instructions on how strategies work: ... v3-version

And make sure that you use simulation mode to test your new settings!