General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By MrDrifter

Lately I've noticed a few trades that do not hedge. See screenshot, but I would always expect either the profit or loss scenario to be true at some point for every game.

Is there a reason why neither would trigger an exit?

For example latest trade today was Chelsea W v Man City W. Chelsea scored in the 42 and 78 minute, won 2-0, and were around 1.7 to win pre match, and I layed the draw at 4.5. Wasn't watching in game though.

Many Thanks
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By BfBotManager
Check your other hedge settings at "Hedge->Safety settings" tab. Woman matches are not very popular, so ti is possible that in play offer was not good and that back/lay ratio was not satisfied.
By dahipster
Is there a place where we can see a report of the Hedge attempts or failure reasons? For example, in the Bots/Strategies section, there is a report for each bot and why it can't place a bet on each market. Something like that would be really useful.

What is the best way of avoiding markets like these? Is it just a liquidity issue?

Thanks for any advice.