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By victorzf
Hi, anyone know How to configure this staking plan?

Start bank of £200 a percent to bet of 5% the initial stake is £10.

If the first bet was to lose at say odds of 5.3 we would lose £43. The next bet would be therefore be the amount lost + initial stake x 2 = £63.

If this results in a win then we are now £20 in front. We are trying to win £10 profit per bet. If however the second bet were to lose at odds of 5.3 we would lose £270.90.

We would now have to recover 2 losing bets, one of £43+£20 and one of £270.90+£20.

Instead of attempting to recover the losses in one go we attempt to recover them ONE AT A TIME. Our next bet is to recover the first loss of £43+£20. So the next stake is £63. If we are successful then our next bet is to recover the £270.90+£20.

Ultimately we end up with a list of losses that need to be recovered, which will be recovered sooner or later depending on how the results fall, and sometimes we will be free of losses to clear at which point we revert to our normal £10 stakes.

After, say 500 bets we should have a profit of £5000, less (if) any pending losses as yet unrecovered.

Larger sums that need recovering can be split. For instance if you did not want to stake more than £50 you would set your Split Loss Limit at £50. Any loss over this loss is then split up as per your settings. In the settings below any loss over £50 is split into 2 bets.

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