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Staking Plan Help

Postby samhayer » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:58 am

Hi every one, New to using BF Bot v3 any one please help with this I am trying to set up staking plan but what I want is example £1 starting stake if first bet wins it next bet is £2 2nd bet and after 2 con win bets returns to the £1 starting stake all lost bets to be 100% recovery after recovery return to £1 starting stake. so its like placing a double bet but go to recovery if bet lose . thanks for any thoughts on this
Sam hayer

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Re: Staking Plan Help

Postby laszlo » Sun Mar 24, 2019 10:59 am

Hi Sam,

If I understand well you want to use the martingale system. It can be very profitable but also risky. I would only use it with a very high succes rate and with a strategy tested in simulation mode over at least 6 months. You could set it by clicking on the staking tab - level/initial stake £1 then overall loss recovery 100% (you can recover losing stakes too) then click on the safety rules tab - pause/restart after wins/losses and set it to restart the strategy after 2 con wins.

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Re: Staking Plan Help

Postby BfBotManager » Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:36 pm

Hi Sam,

You can use following:
1. Level/initial stake set to 1
2. Overall P/L Simple Sequence with multipliers 1 and 2 only, tick option to go 100 steps back after loss
3. Overall loss recovery you can use and it will increase stake to recover your loss, it should be set to 100%. This will increase your second bet stake after first bet loses and increase depends on your lost amount.

Other than that you should also add:
1. Market conditions->Unsettled markets, so that next bet is placed only when all previous bets are settled, this will give you right staking sequence
2. Safety rules->Pause restart... rule just like Laszlo suggested, add it so that strategy restarts after 2 wins

Make sure you test it all in simulation mode.


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