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By Beerio
I am trying to filter out some horse racing results from Lingfield, now I am looking to find out what the Winners starting stall position would have been...

I assume that Winner Runner Position would be that column? or am I wrong in assuming that and if so where would I find that information? as it seems that all the other information is there?

Many thanks in advance.
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By BfBotManager
Winner RUNNER position is the position of runner/selection in the list of selections at Betfair market. For greyhounds trap 1 is runner by position 1, as they are listed from trap 1 to trap 6, but horses are listed by favorite positions in most cases e.g. first favorite is the first in the list. Runner by position is explained in following help article: ... x-position
By Beerio
I understand the greyhound positions on the Winner Runner Position, so then the question becomes...

Winner Favorite Position will tell me what fav the selection was ie 1 or 2 or 12.

Where do I find what stall number the horse was running from if there was stalls? As in the above image I attached the Winner Runner Position is nowhere near the stall number it was in.
By Beerio
Thanks mate, I know that I can bet on F1 in runner position 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for specific races, however I cannot find the column in Results tab that would tell me the previous stall numbers for winners without using an outside source for it.
By Beerio
The idea behind it all is that I was to see from the 2000+ results that I have in BFBM to see if pace/stall bias would actually be true, but if BFBM cannot tell me what stall the horse was drawn in then I cannot use the horse data from the software that I got already and will need to outsource to a different site.
By Beerio
BfBotManager wrote: Sat Aug 14, 2021 11:19 pm Results tab does not save stall numbers or any other similar information. Results tab only saves basic information that is already displayed.

Okay thank you for your clarification on this then.
By dn6789
that is one thing I would love to see if a lot more connectivity with databases and websites

where you can use the data in the software or display it live

seems like a whole big niche for you - but anyway its your product
By dn6789
as an example

betfair provide simulated prices for races (horses and dogs) already that they put together -- why cannot these be loaded directly into software automatically to use if you want.
By Beerio
If the software picks up what is on the screen then surely in the races where they have stalls, it could pick up the stall number that that horse should be in.

No matter now, I found the information I needed thru a different site, now just gonna test out the pace v draw bias for Lingfield and see if it can be implemented with BFBM going forward.