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By dn6789
I really liked the Indy one so had bit more on that game as Houston as horrible

anyway withdrew NCAA profits and leave the NFL money in for the next lot of games.
By dn6789
just a word on early edge

last night they had 3 props

but 2 were -170 and won and the other lost -- so you make 14 and 14 and lose 20 for 8 profit assuming 20 a bet

I do not often follow those plays because over the long term unless the juice numbers are lower it is hard to win -- I prefer the games

and I also do some parlays for big scores from time to time -- did not do any this weekend but just to boost up the bank when things are rolling... obv with Larry 3/2 was a good week not to go too hard.
By Sr8822541
Hi DN,

Yeah I understand now about Recovery. Cheers for all that information.
By dn6789
if buffalo do not cover then it will be a B/E week - as Pitts not covering hurt the NFL train

also do not forget to try to get a deposit bonus if your getting into this seriously
By woweee
Hi DN6789

I have signed up to SportsLine.
Looking at these historical games
by Larry Hartstein.

I am not sure if I should of Backed or Layed.
In the write up for the Pittsburgh game it says Lay.

In the chargers game it is not saying Lay or Back.
Very confused.

Also Larry Hartstein is top of the NFL picks. He has made 1585 pts.
Over what time period ?
SportsLine.PNG (69.71 KiB) Viewed 376 times
SportsLine1.PNG (44.51 KiB) Viewed 372 times
By dn6789
when it says pittsurgh -4.5 that means back pittsburgh at that spread or better

on the season Larry is 25 and 8 for NFL and that is a good result and probably just above long term average -- you will have to run a mild recovery when they lose a few games as I mentioned before

if your having trouble understanding things -- just go to YouTube and watch the early edge they will explain the picks etc and make it a bit easier for you

I follow their College Football and NFL picks --- then NBA and NHL once the season gets bit further in

You look at any of these cappers records they all make money -- but I gravitate to the box where it says who is the hottest - and the people I nominated are long term winners -- despite any short term up and down.

right now in NFL games its either a week where I make nothing - or I get a decent profit if Buffalo covers the -6 tonight -- I also have the over.

If you have more questions on this I will try to answer -- or you can watch their youtube channel and that may make it easier if I am not here to answer when you need it answered -- I am based in Australia but I stay awake weird hours compared to most.
By dn6789
so Pittsburgh had to win the game by more than 4.5 points -- but they only won by 3 -- so it was a loss
By dn6789
I got the OVER but missed the side with Buffalo

but I used the early edge plays to make a parlay

Manc City Paris St germain Boston TT over 5 and GS +3.5

so the 2 soccer games won now left with the other 2 -- that was 7.45 per 1

ok I gotta go out now back later
By teie01032
hey dn6789 . how do you deal with the big fluctuation of odds before the start of the race .
how to you make your bot place the bet on the 3 favorite lets say if he changes places with the 4th constantly.
By dn6789
the default setting to place bet monitor is quite high -- I lowered mine to 5 seconds to make it as realistic as possible

but sometimes you gotta live with it not being 100% exact if there is a very last second change.
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