General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By Nips72
Hi there, I am currently testing a number of dutching strategies. I use the combined liabilities of odds as a staking rule however I am struggling to get it to work as I imagine it should.

I am selecting 3 horses in a race using "my S", I would really like to only lay or back in races where I can see my risk/reward ratio. The problem with the combined liability of odds and dutching is that I cannot get any risk/reward ratio. If I dutch odds of 2.92 / 65 / 4.8 I get a payout of 0.78 of my risk. If I look at the liability of qualified selections I calculate 69.72 for those odds. This bears no resemblance to another dutch with odds : 3.85 / 5.5 /6.2 where my payout is 0.67 of my risk (similar to above) but the combined odds are 12.55...

Is there some way I can get the odds for the whole dutch relative to what I am risking?

Many thanks in advance
By Nips72
Thank you

However that looks like i can only use ROI when backing a dutching strategy? I see no availability for ROI under "Dutching for target profits (Lay bets)?