General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By ryanpies
I have this bot to back the home team on draw no bet under certain conditions. I want the bot to hedge when a goal goes in from either team, however it is not hedging at all. Please help.
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By BfBotManager
At Hedge rule you ticked option "OR", so that it executes when at least one of its settings is satisefied, but you used multiple settings/rules.

At "Hedge->Market conditions" you added rule to allow it to execute only if home team has scored a goal. But you say that you want to execute if any team scores a goal, so consider removing that rule.

Draw no bet markets usually have bad offer during in play, so you should adjust "Hedge->Safety settings", increase min/max price range and increase back/lay ratio at this tab.

Beside that, please send us screenshots of:
1. Tools&Settings->Monitoring settings form
2. MARKETS grid view showing all loaded markets
3. placed bets that were not hedged

You can open support ticket to send those files by using Contact form:
By ryanpies
I have attached all of these and now removed that rule. I have attached the updated bot as well.
Screenshot 2023-05-13 160733.png
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By BfBotManager
At "Hedge->Safety settings" max price is set to 50 and back/lay ratio is set to 30%. So hedge will only execute if price is in that range and if difference between back and lay price is less than 30%. Most of those markets at which you had bets are from lower leagues, for which in play offer is limited or bad, so hedge might not execute because of back/lay ratio or max price.

Consider adding "Traded volume" rule at market conditions, so that strategy only places back bet at markets at which there is at least 10,000 GBP traded/matched, and avoid betting on matches with low traded volume as they will have bad in play offer.