General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By dn6789
you can bet them game by game or parlay whatever you like -- I do both

sportsbetting tends to run where someone gets hot and I try to ride that

but I do not want to tell you what to do --- do whatever your bankroll allows you to do.

why not just bet $8 a game as an example on all Matt Severance Picks in Football - $12 in NHL and $11 in NBA

then see where you are in 2-3 days - then use some recovery if behind -- if ahead then just stay at your base level.

As I said all this is up to you -- select the best handicapper for your sport or sports and go from there.

Use the Bot - use a bookmaker -- whatever you wish to do -- just cause I do things one way does not mean there is not a better way or whatever .... I personally am just looking to win everyday the best I can.
By dn6789
Allie picked some NHL game and I just backed it on Betfair at 2.08 vs 1.99 with my bookmaker

because closer to gametime the prices on Betfair give you a proper price -- if you bet 7 hours ago when she releases it well the liquidity sucks

it is just I only woke up

this is what I was saying -- really it comes down to how serious about sportsbetting you are --- getting in early with your bookmaker before lines move -- or take the price right before game start with betfair - setup with BF Bot Manager .. maybe the better price would offset the line moves -- but perhaps not the frustration of winning or losing the bet.

OK to be honest I am really surprised to not see any feedback on this
By dn6789
I also backed all of Matt Severance's NHL picks on Betfair - just cause the numbers are better -- I normally bet early to get the best spread prices but like I said I only just woke up

if BF Bot Manager had sportsline integration well I would probably just use that and not worry so much about pointspreads with NBA and Football but anyway they do not so got to do the best with what we have.
By dn6789
Allies play is ahead 4/0 in NHL after 1st period

like I said if nothing else is working for you -- then try this - I promise I am not giving you a bum steer.
By dn6789
I am surprised we have not had any feedback on this considering you can get a free trial to test it out and use with BF Bot Manager or your book maker

Everyday I am making a withdrawal pretty much.
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By OzziJoe
Hi dn6789,

Would you mind to advise where can I find some historical results data for Sportsline experts?
Like for last 2-3 seasons. Thanks.
By dn6789
you do not need me for that -- you can search experts and pull up their records -- or email them for however many years you want.

I already mentioned all the main cappers and they are all making money -- not without DD though - as in sportsbetting 58% is considered winning.
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By OzziJoe
Probably you are right, I do not need you for that.
But there seems to be no records on their website only last X games and you are the only one promoting them here so this is why I asked you.
BTW thank you for your answer. :)
By dn6789
I do not know what your looking at but there is plenty of records

A former lead writer for Covers and The Linemakers, Larry combines a vast network of Vegas sources with an analytical approach he honed while working for Pro Football Focus. Entering the 2021 season, Larry was 351-291 all-time on NFL sides (plus $2,212), including 326-280 ATS. Larry also dominates college basketball, going 245-193-8 ATS (plus $3,205) the past two seasons. He is coming off a strong 2021 MLB season as well, finishing 88-61 (plus $1,273) while also returning $981 in MLB prop plays given out on Twitter or "The Early Edge." Catch the popular daily show at 10 a.m. ET on SportsLine's YouTube page. For Larry Hartstein media inquiries, contact

A Las Vegas handicapper who's never afraid to buck conventional wisdom, Zack excels in multiple sports. Over the past two NBA seasons, Zack is 134-101-1, returning $2,296 to $100 players. All-time in MLB, Zack sports a record of 535-468-6, returning $2,962 to $100 bettors. All-time in college basketball, Zack is 325-279, returning $1,917 to $100 players. Zack appears regularly on "The Early Edge," SportsLine's popular daily podcast hosted by Jonathan Coachman. Catch "The Early Edge" live at 10 a.m. ET on SportsLine's YouTube page. For Zack Cimini media inquiries, contact

John Bollman is coming off a monster 2021 MLB season: He went 380-309-1, returning $3,855 to $100 bettors and finishing as SportsLine's No. 1 expert. John combines MLB front-office experience with a deep statistical background. In 2018 Bollman, who has a master's degree in biostatistics, worked in the Toronto Blue Jays' analytics department, focusing on high-performance sports science and player development. In addition to his elite baseball mind, John’s expertise encompasses the NHL and NFL. He is known for his ability to quantify the unquantifiable. For John Bollman media inquiries, contact

just seems to me that your wanting me to do everything for you ... if you want to win you gotta do a little work yourself

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By OzziJoe
You are greatly mistaken if you think I want you to do everything for me.
Lines like X from Y all time or last season/Z games has nothing to analyze about and can be greatly misleading.
Historical data means the list of all bets with odds, etc. for given time frame you can analyze from different angles.
dn6789, obviously you do not understand what I am talking about.
Anyway I will leave this topic to you, it's clear you are looking at it from different point.
Nothing wrong with this, everybody has her/his point of view.
By dn6789
"Probably you are right, I do not need you for that.
But there seems to be no records on their website only last X games and you are the only one promoting them here so this is why I asked you.
BTW thank you for your answer. "

this is what you asked me ...

I copied and pasted the last what 400 game records that they provide on the site and then the email address to use to get any further information you want.

Now you tell me that I do not understand something ?? seems to me your the one who does not understand how to email someone and get the information you want.

I have absolutely zero to do with Sportsline - but there are people here who cannot seem to grasp how to win betting horses - dogs or anything else -- and here everything is done for you all you need to do is build a strategy and get the picks in -- or bet with a bookmaker externally.

So do not come into this thread and make out like I cannot do something and somehow I have not done something ... your the one wanting me to do something for you.

By dn6789
now you have added this key line which you excluded from your last post -- like I am able to read your mind right

"Historical data means the list of all bets with odds, etc. for given time frame you can analyze from different angles."

so do not come into my thread and start accusing me of being a dummy

I do not get why you expect me to have this available for you ... email them and ask them I do not speak for them and I do not have their individual bets going back 10 years.

By dn6789
also here is the thing - I deal with real world results - actual betting everyday to generate a profit.

Obviously racing is number 1 by a long way for me -- that is where all my analysis and spreadsheets come into play -- but I also enjoy Sports - and I wanted to give you guys another way to make money

For me I try to make $200-$500 a day from Sportsline -- for this money all I do is follow my favorite cappers and use a small recovery strategy - cause like I said no-one gets it right all the time

anyway you can see from 1 of the books I use my withdrawals are coming consistently in my target zone

So if you want to sit back and do your own analysis - email them get what you want and do not bother me telling me what to do .. I simple do not need it -- I have pointed you in the right direction it is up to you to follow through.


((as you can see it sometimes is below $200 - but most of the time above -- and I withdraw everyday - I have no need to keep large funds at any one bookmaker -- I use 3 bookmakers and Betfair if I can get the line/price I want))
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By Sr8822541
Hi DN,

Thanks for sharing your inputs. I was on a long break and just started on betting again. Recently, I took the one year subscription for SportsLine and I have to give it a go yet.

So just going through all your posts on this to gather all information to help me get started. I am just having trouble to find few things on the site. Like when you say "Models", are those the ones under the Picks section? Please see the image. (If you can, please provide the URL's for best models you have seen on the site).

Also, could not find certain sports like Soccer etc., Just wanted to know how to find this on website. I would be just focussing on college football, NBA, NHL and NFL for now to start with.

I can find all the experts and their tips on popular sports, but may I know how exactly you get them on excel sheets through scraping. Like which tools you used? or (it would be great if you can share this macro or process to help me get started)

Thankful as always for your posts.

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By OzziJoe
You are the only one dn6789 here who called yourself dummy.
Anyway just ... just grow up.
And do not bother yourself to answer me here - it will be ignored.
By dn6789
OzziJoe wrote: Wed Dec 08, 2021 2:03 am You are the only one dn6789 here who called yourself dummy.
Anyway just ... just grow up.
And do not bother yourself to answer me here - it will be ignored.
how about this - instead of trying to talk down to me - to make yourself feel good - you actually go and do some work.
By dn6789
there are 2 things with Sportsline

1. expert picks - where each expert has their own picks based on their own criteria -- you can select who you want to follow and the best way is to just look at the top 5 handicappers per sport and go with the best - or the one with the longest record - so you can see what you need to do bet wise and recovery wise.

2. the model picks which is the page you posted -- this is a simulation of each game and what their model thinks the scores will be.

So 2 different approaches - 2 ways to use the information -- go with a capper or go with the simulations which ever your more comfortable with ... also "A" is the highest rated and "b" next do not bet "C"

as far as Scraping things goes I use Rapid Miner which is a chrome add in that you download and then train it to pull info you want .. or pay them and have them do it for you -- but it is free to use

since I mainly use bookmakers I input the bets and scrape my bets from pending bets into excel so I can track them etc

so that depends how you set yourself up - to bet with betfair or bookmaker.

I would suggest Severance / Hartstein / Allie / Allan Bell and Justin / John Bollman as the main experts to follow - but again go with what your comfortable with and how many bets a day you intend to make.

Of all the things we have looked at - talked about or set up -- this is the easiest way I know how to make money .. just balance your bets out compared to your bankroll.

This is my day on Sportsline --

1. watch early edge podcast - see what bets they are making and place with bookmaker straight away for experts I follow because the lines will move.

2. next go to experts page for the people I follow and place bets with any recovery

3. go to bookmaker page and scrape pending bets into excel

4. go back and look at any simulations and see whether to place any additional bets

5. watch any other content they release -- NFL preview shows - CFB preview shows

6. perhaps consider soccer bets or golf bets if released -- this Martin Green does all the UK soccer he is as sharp as they come -- but I am not a big soccer fan so I probably bet 4-5 of his picks and they all won.

7. watch games and watch the expert twitter accounts for any extra info they release

(they also have notification system for new picks on your phone)

So perhaps digest all that - and then set up your own system and let me know if you have any questions -- if you have Sportsline specific questions feel free to email them - they are very user friendly.

cheers for now
By dn6789
Martin Green is the guy you want to follow for those - as I said above he may be the best capper of them all -- but just not my thing really .. but I know many here are from the UK so this will probably be something your know more about than me.
By dn6789
as far as making things easy to access

use the reading list tab in chrome -- bookmark all the experts pages - and then just click it and you will go to them each time - and scrape the picks or enter with bookmaker straight away

maybe try to get deposit bonus and use bookmaker initially (like deposit 200 get 200 sort of thing -- build your roll up that way as risk free as possible)
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By dn6789
lastly since you seem to be wanting to copy my setup

I have Tweetdeck on another screen - and I have all their accounts across the screen - so I can see what they are posting or updating in real time

also I am very active in the Sportsline community and I speak to some of the cappers via Social Media each day.

here is a screenshot

(I realize my current setup maybe beyond what many may have -- but you do not need it -- all you need to do is decide sports + cappers or sims -- bankroll and recovery strategy matched up to how much a day you want.
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