General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By Sr8822541
Thanks DN.

Yeah I also want to bet on Bookies for now. I noted top experts from your information before on different thread and will be betting on those.

So I wanted to scrape all these experts into a excel mainly for tracking and staking calculation, so I can bet on them and also have auto load functionality to keep the excel updated every 1 hour.

As you can see I am trying to do that, but no luck. Maybe scraping from bookies is easier. I have used RapidMiner software in the past for Machine learning models at Uni, but cant find the scraper extension for chrome in webstore.

I am also based in Australia, so unfortunaltely we do not have Sportsline mobile app in appstore to get any notifications etc., Anyway hope I keep this momentum up and do something with these tips.
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By dn6789
search data scraper by dataminer

you will see it

download add and train it

Sportsline App I am in Australia I go to the download page and it says it is available for my device ?

if your having trouble email them

Also if you use VPN - you get US Paramount Plus free with sportsline subscription -- so I use that and Sling TV to watch games online we do not get here

By dn6789
I enter in Bookmaker and then scrape pending bets and have trained it to give me

what I want which goes into excel in table format so you can follow it that way -- let me see if I can get it to do the expert page real quick

we are having a bad storm here right now and the dog is going nuts - so if this is later you understand why.
By dn6789
I just played around with it and can scrape the games from the individuals page

and it either gives game result or pending

so in excel you can extract what you want and order by time which would be good

yeah so either way however you want it seems doable to me.
By dn6789
so in excel include results with "pending"

as it is scraping the page .. I did not go through the scrape multiple pages etc

there are also options to do it all in data miner - to include/exclude but you need the premium version which I do not have only the free one.

but this would work for me....
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By Sr8822541
Ha okay. I found it. I was searching for RapidMiner name. Will try to train it.

Thats real strange, I cant see the app and it says not available in your country. I have an android.

Yeah saw the Paramount option as well while subscribing. But didnt pay attention as it said only US.
By dn6789
yes I use express VPN and can watch it online as well like I said I subscribed to Sling TV to get extra sports channels

anyway all this is up to you - I am just telling you this so you know all your options

cheers I am busy now
By dn6789
as far as this thread goes - there is way more information here than you need to win everyday

so - yeah I am not posting anything else until other people post their feedback on how it has gone for them.
By dn6789
not a single post in this thread - talking about whether you made or lost money doing this

and what your SR DD and Profit were -- frankly I am bit stunned - figured this would really help some people get on track.
By dn6789
just to show you I have not been slacking off

I took what I learned from sportsline - then incorporated some of my thoughts shared here and built my own model

this is a 10 page spreadsheet that captures data from multiple sites - scrapes it in power query sorts in and builds tables and spits out totals spreads odds etc - via summary sheets

again you gotta take what I share with you and figure out how to make it work for you.
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By Sr8822541
Hi DN,

I am analysing tipster past results and running Stakes on them to see if I can make any profit. So in this example I scarped past 110 tips from Larry in NFL.

Also for testing purposes I assumed all tips odds were at $1.83 and Stake at $10. For Level stakes I made around $64 profit. But, for reco staking, I made the same profit around $61.

Attaching the graph to show trend between stake and overall P/L. I manually increased stake the next day say from $10 to $12, $14 $16 and so on, if the previous days overall is in negative.

Tried to attach excel, but it didnt allow, so providing two screenshots of the same to give you an idea.

Please have a look and let me know how you approach with staking in this case. This would help me to know when to increase and how much to make more profit than level staking.
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By dn6789
let me get back to you on this

it is late here and I need to build a sheet and see exactly optimal settings.

also I would set the strategy to stop if it suffered 10 losses in a row -- that seems a common number that something is not right.
By dn6789
I am in the final stages of solving Sportsbetting for ncaa basketball

have developed a simulation that is more accurate than most you see around the place -- right now in final phase testing to ensure the ratios to use -- which have moved quickly over last few days
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By dn6789
SR I did not get around to running the tests on the best approach yet

maybe try Bookie Staking and that way you will decrease bets on losses and increase on wins

myself I would probably do it the way I first suggested but that may cause bets to get larger than some people may want .. so with bookie staking set your bankroll and set size of bet and let it do the rest
By dn6789
as far as accuracy goes - I have been ranging from 55% to 70% -- and that is why I am finetuning the values at the moment -- but as I said my model is actually now better than the sportsline model.
By dn6789
so todays results was +8.1 units

my model now far exceeds what is available on sportsline but like everything you have to start somewhere.

also if you look simply what I did was take all the lessons from what was posted here for horses and dogs - went out and got the stats - turned everything into an automated model

and now it can outperform most around.

I would just say try to play around with the concepts until the light goes on and from there work forward.. good luck
By dn6789
here is my model today

as usual printing money

I just have lost so much interest in writing things on this forum - hardly anyone participates or helps or does anything - winning is not easy its hard until you figure things out

look at me from a sportsline subscription following picks to my own model that is even better than theirs... heck they even had a 60 cent yearly subscription offer the other day .. anyway my model hits 65% or better and today its over 70% so you know its up to you guys really -- I pointed you in a direction and for me it just works
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By Coach
Hey mate, I am new to BBM but not Sportsline, super interesting take on the 2. I had similar ideas myself but had not not considered mining / scraping. I am familiar but not experienced, definitely intend to learn more and create a bot to place my bets for me. Also, check out Action Network, its similar but different to Sportsline.
By dn6789
Yeah I got heavy into sports there for a while

now I just build them myself - but sites like sportsline or action are a great way to start

good luck with it
By Coach
dn6789 wrote: Sat Mar 04, 2023 10:09 pm Yeah I got heavy into sports there for a while

now I just build them myself - but sites like sportsline or action are a great way to start

good luck with it
Cheers mate