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By dn6789
I put take profit at 150 - which is why 160 and 170 today
By dn6789
+$440 day just in the strategies talked about here - basic ideas turned into working strategies.

you want to make money - read the threads take notes and take action.
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By dn6789
hit $600 on the final races of the night

selective bets --- they just find the right races to bet.
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By dn6789
I went over to one of the other softwares forums to see what people there were talking about

greyhound forum - tips and tricks -- none of them are pointing out how to beat this game at the rate I am showing you - especially at the level of bets we are making

anyway enough from me today - hopefully get some other feedback on this.
By AutoShark
This topic has blown my mind! I would of never ever thought of attempting a bot with sequence, it just seems so random…. But it works. I’ve been tweaking and dialing my SQ bot as much as I can and I just can’t get it over 36%… but it still profits every day. So I assume the difference between a 36% bot and 40% is I’m going to have days when I might break even or have a small loss, I feel like I’m one or 2 filters off hitting it! So hopefully I can crack that in the next few weeks. Cheers again for sharing your info and experiences legend!
By dn6789
probably what you should do

is look through the winning races and look through the losing races - and see if you can see some patterns and try to filter a bit more - and then you will have a pretty stable system and then can look at another one

the one thing with filtering is you reduce your bet numbers down -- but this helps with DD

you take yesterday as an example the strats I did here the 6 lets say made roughly $600 but the max drawdown was like $80-$100 ... if this can remain stable your balance is going to grow quickly and drawdowns will be less important.
By dn6789
it should not be any surprise to people who read this thread everyday

but I doubled my target to $300 a day and doubled my staking and stop loss

so as we are now talking about a $100,000 a year income stream -- I will not be making any further comments on this sort of betting or how I do it -- there should be more than enough in here to help you achieve your goals if you trial and error and take some action.

the only thread I am going to post in from here out is the UK racing one - because I have not solved that - it remains a challenge - but I am in no rush to do so .... best of luck.
By AutoShark
I appreciate the feed back mate! I’ll look in to that tonight, I also set up some selective GH bots which are in testing and are hitting decent strike rates. Hopefully I’ll be able to tie it all together and make some decent pocket money haha. Good luck with the Uk bots. I’ll be getting stuck in to them once I figure aus out!
By AutoShark
Hey mate, I’m just curious, how did your sequence bot go today if you don’t mind sharing results? Cheers
By dn6789
this is one of the issues I asked for the makers of the software to expand the reporting area and give us more options for data

because my SQ is set to reset on its own everyday - so unless I screenshot it yesterday I cannot do it now

but it was +325 today I lowered my take profit to 250 as I like to operate in the SQ comfort zone where it can hit TP easily ... 300-350 400 need to up my stake further

I said this to someone else if I let SQ bet out everyday it could possibly hit 1000 right as its max profit - but it could also get stuck going up and down --- so finding that daily sweetspot and stake is also important for me where I am now looking at moving to 500 a day over the next 7-10 days -- so as I move up I am monitoring the ebbs and flows so to speak.
By AutoShark
Yea spot on, it’s so frustrating when it restarts it clears all the data, you almost need 2 bf bot managers so you can run one in sim and one live.
Yea I noticed that certain points in the day the bot can just spin wheels and flow up and down. Cheers for the response, oh I did read in one of your topics that you may have created a telegram group to discuss strategies? Did you end up doing that? Or are you just active on the forum?
By dn6789
well here is the thing on that -- we have 5-6 people who have shown they are taking an active interest in what is happening here - a bunch of people watching and perhaps not able to figure it out -- and a bunch of people who will download anything added to these threads immediately.

so I just not really planning at this stage to expand what I am offering in terms of help for these things - because as you know once you get this going you can make quite a lot of money ... therefore I do not want to step on your toes and I do not want people stepping on my toes -- because some of these markets are quite thin and we rely somewhat on getting the best price possible to really spice up the earnings.... if we all bet on exactly the same spots well that will not be in the best long term interest.

right now we are running into the top end of what this software can do automatically and semi automatically -- it needs more features and options to really move up.

what I mean by that is I am getting really good results with what we have -- imagine if I could have more advanced features and data import from more powerful external options ... as I get sick of spreadsheets etc

yeah within the stats it tells you a story and best using data tells you where to set your TP and SL -- as well as how to stake SQ is not perfect but you can win with it if you stay within safe settings -- as you have already seen.
By LousyDrunk
AutoShark wrote: Fri Aug 27, 2021 2:03 am Yea spot on, it’s so frustrating when it restarts it clears all the data, you almost need 2 bf bot managers so you can run one in sim and one live.
My work around is the strategies I want to run in test mode, I run at 1% of my planned betting price, so $5 becomes 5c. I've lost maybe $8 using this the last few weeks, which is an acceptable loss to me to run both
By dn6789
one note on this whole project that may assist you

I looked back at my bets etc

per strategy a normal losing run is 4-5 then you get 4-7 wins - at worst the longest losing run has been 11 losses

which is double the average

why is this important - well I have tried a few staking strategies but am going back to step staking because knowing this will allow me to build my custom amounts based on the data I am seeing - plus I can modify them same as I do with my selection process.

most people should keep an eye on this -- what is average - what is the low side and what is the high side .... 4-5 is my normal and 11 is the absolute top of my data.
By dn6789
so I set up Horse SQ and GH SQ yesterday with step betting starting at $5 and allowed them to bet on more races than I would normally do - but I just wanted to show you guys just how easy simple and low risk SQ betting can be.

by using step betting - it is more of a grinding approach

but what was the result ? +260 .. I think that is pretty good

anyway not posting anything else today - just going to go do other stuff and let these bots do their thing.
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By dn6789
jagged a longer price one SQ GH for today +366

SQ horse is +120 but noone probably cares about that one
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By AutoShark
Cheers @louseydrunk I do similar now just run at .01.

DN those results make me so jealous lol and driven. Had a set back the other day where my sq bot had loss at the end of the day, which was a tad deflating back to the testing board.
By dn6789
hmmm yeah

today I am doing a modified step rather than a long step

not changing my SQ at all - not really a need - it is more controlling the staking -- the take profit and stop loss

if your having trouble using all combinations why not just use a modified SQ of only Fav 1 and Fav 2 -- and just filter everything else out -- maybe you only get 15 bets a day but you should still be able to finish in front

my UK SQ Horse was 47% +73 overnight

the other thing if trouble is still coming specialize in 5 dog 6 dog 7 dog or 8 dog races only and figure those out first.... so there is not as much data to consider ... nothing wrong with doing this either.
By AutoShark
Cheers mate, I’ll take your advice on board and try to apply it tonight. I have a successful 1st, 2nd fav bot.
I just want to hit your sequence bot that you have been discussing, it’s driving me crazy… yea I saw your Uk horse bot did well, I want to get involved in that forum but I don’t want to move on until Im satisfied with aus greys.
Are you working atm man or just living off your bots? I assume you are from Melbourne like me and we are going through a rough lockdown atm.
It’s a personal question so don’t feel obliged to answer
By dn6789
yeah that is a problem - where you want everything to work from Day 1 and it be easy

but modifying the settings and finding just the right way to do it does take some effort - rightly so - you do not want it so easy that everyone does the same and kills your markets.

yeah I do not want to say too much about that.

UK is more of a hobby than making real money from it - it is more to show that you can make money with SQ anywhere if you put your mind to it.

UK GH really is the only one that has caused me problems - so I will get to it in time.
By dn6789
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By dn6789
final horse + GH SQ for today
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By dn6789
a couple people mentioned they were looking at longer price races etc

so I thought today I would build something for Fav 4 - Fav 8 and the result so far is +170

many times now I have said to you guys focus on one particular thing until you figure it out then take those lessons and use them on other things -- then link strategies together

anyway - not sure it wins everyday - but yeah see for yourself
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By LousyDrunk
I appreciate everything you're putting up.

I've been fiddling with things for last few weeks and been up and down. Not a huge amount of success as I got a too cocky with my betting early on and just been in recovery mode since.

I've got 3 at the moment which make money over a week but not everyday. Then like you said, something just clicked.

Anyway short of it is, I think I've finally found a strategy that will consistently win. I'll be testing it for a couple more days before I put money on it but things are finally sliding into place.

I've got a few deadlines in the next three weeks but after that is when I'll finally have time to sit down, shift through the data and hopefully provide constructive advice to others as well!
By dn6789
"Anyway short of it is, I think I've finally found a strategy that will consistently win. I'll be testing it for a couple more days before I put money on it but things are finally sliding into place."

love this quote
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