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Hy guys

I have a strategy set to trade u 2.5 in the first 10 min of the game and hedge if -10 or +10 ticks from initial. I want to change that a bit.
Is there a way to ask the bot to scalp for me lets say u 2.5 to get in and out every 3 ticks but multiple times during the first 10 min of the game.
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By BfBotManager
At strategy "Edit" form, the one where you set strategy name, you can increase number of placed bets per runner/market from 1 to 10 or 20.

Adjust hedge to execute when price changes by 3 ticks or trade out to place bet at 3 ticks better price.

Then test it in simulation mode.
So I'm back with same problem. I'm trying to make a bot to scalp first 15 min on under 1.5. Bot only places 1 bet and then straight away exit. I have set a min 5 bets. But still it won't bet more then 1 :oops:
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By BfBotManager
Please post screenshots of your Selection conditions and settings from strategy Edit form.
I have attached screenshouts have a look thanks.
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By BfBotManager
Your settings are set to bet on Over/under 1.5 goals and First half goals 1.5 market, not Over/under 2.5. Please send us screenshot of MARKETS grid view showing loaded markets.

We also need screenshots of strategy "Edit" form settings, the one where you set strategy name. You will need to increase number of bets per selection from 1 to higher number if you wish to have more than one trade at same selection.

Also turn off option to allow only 1 bet per runner position at "Bet type by runner position" rule.
yes i have change the markets and i want to scalp those markets selected. i have set that at 5 and 20 where you put the name. however the bot only trigger once.
can i sent you the strategie via email?
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Done please have a look when you got time.