Bot not backing all selections

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Bot not backing all selections

Postby stowy » Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:57 pm

Is support still avaliable for bfbot manager v2? I have set the bot to back all hoses that drop below 2.5 but the bot seems to miss bets all together of just back 1 even when there is money avaliable to back on more horses. Some times it works perfect it will back 2-3 horse to cover losses but sometimes its hit and miss and leaves me wide open. Any ideas on how to fix this proble would be great. Thanks

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Re: Bot not backing all selections

Postby BfBotManager » Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:02 pm

Please use our help center and open new support ticket. Also send us screenshots of all your settings and of placed bets so that we can check it. Thanks!

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