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By elastik
Hello, in Greyhounds I would like to place Lay bet at a specific price to try to get one bet and only one to get matched at that price (or better) before market suspends.

1st: I can't find the option to propose a bet at a specific price in all runner positions, Is this possible?

2nd: It is possible to cancel all the unmatched bets, after the 1st one is matched?

Thank you in advance. :)
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By BfBotManager
Hi Elastic,

1. You can use "Price settings->Default price" and set it to any price you would like to place your bets at. In that case remove "Price settings->Price rules" rule

2. at "After bet rules" tab you will find rule "Cancel bets if X bets matched"

Please test it in simulation mode.
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By BfBotManager
If Reports is empty then you either did not start strategy or you did not load markets to main MARKETS grid view. Please post screenshots of MARKETS, STRATEGIES/BOTS tabs.
By elastik
Thank you, yes it was missing the Bet type.
Other thing I'm noticing is the time to bet, I'm ordering to start bet in last 59 sec, and testing other values, but somehow in reports I see that bot only try to place bet around last 5 sec or so... I don't understand this