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By Cheekypops
Hi All,

Just getting started and I have some questions after a week of of playing around. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.

Question 1 - I follow the Australian Horse Thoroughbred Racing but not the Horse Harness/Trots racing does anyone know how I can filter these out of my autoload. The autoload is working great but it loads the Harness/Trots racing which then stuffs my systems I am testing.

Question 2 - I have just discovered I can auto load my tips from the site. This is awesome but when I went to check my first set of imported tips the stake field is blank but the Points field is populated. Does anyone know what happens when the bet is made. Is a conversion made. Of course I can trick my system up to just level stakes everything but I would prefer to use the stake waiting according to the points. I guess if no-one answers I will find out what happens tomorrow when the tips trigger.

Question 3 - A soccer betting system. Say I want to do the the whole Lay the draw thing but I want to add some other factors into the system like only bet on games where the 0-0 correct score odds are greater than $12 and the over 2.5 goals odds are less than $1:90. How do I weave that logic into my strategy

I think that is all for now

Take Care Be Well I am off to bed now as it is 12:41am and I have work tomorrow. Bye For Now
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By BfBotManager
Hi Cheekypops,

1. there is no option to exclude those races from auto load. But in your strategy you can use Market conditions->Markets filter and set it to allow or not allow betting on races with specific text in their name. Race name and available information is displayed at MARKETS grid view, in column event/market name.

2. number of imported points is multiplied with level stake that you set in your strategy. Make sure you have following order of Staking rules in your strategy:
Level/initial stake
Bet on imported tips

3. you must auto load match odds, under/over 2.5 goals and correct score markets to MARKETS grid view. Then set your strategy to Lay the Draw at Match odds market. And then use "Selection conditions->Bet if specific market selection is in price range" rule to check odds at under/over 2.5 goals and correct score market. Make sure you read manual for details on each rule that you decide to use: ... manual.pdf

Please keep using bot in simulation mode while learning how it works and adjusting your settings.

By Cheekypops
Awesome thank you Rade.

After I sent the post and saw some Google posts and found your previous reply to someone with the same staking question which included the ordering as important. I have altered my level stake to $20 which will then come down to a $5 bet for 0.25 points and go up to $40 for the 2 points.

Yes the race names stuff I will analyse over the next days so I can get it doing what I want. Thanks for that,

In terms of the soccer answer. I will do that with a clear morning head. Glad it is possible gives me plenty of scope.

I cannot believe what an awesome job you guys and gals have done here. The interaction with TippingSports is great. With their new Android app that makes things really nice. Thanks for keeping the Bot at a price I can afford.

And yes I have had the Bot sitting in Simulation mode full time whilst I iron out my bugs. I am looking forward to getting it running for real though especially with all this integration.