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Over the years many of you asked me how to automatically get RacingPost forecast selections and to bet on them. Now there is third party software that filters those selections and saves them to CSV file that you can import to Bf Bot Manager V3. Below are few words about software from the author and link to their web site where you can download it.

The RP-FC Scanner is a easy to use straight forward piece of Software, using a simple strategy to select the Racing Posts 2nd, 3rd & 4th Forecast Horse from the handicap races containing 6-10 runners.

1 point per Horse could be placed or for smaller stakes you could spread 1 point across all 3 Horse's using a Dutch Calculator.

Statistically on average only 25% of the time the favourite wins in the Handicap races. Giving a probability of 75% of an outsider winning.

RP-FC Scanner automatically updates at 9:45am UK time and has the ability to save the daily selections to import directly to the Bf Bot Manager V3.

Download RP-FC Scanner

For details on how to automatically import selections to V3 from local file please see Automatic importing of tips to Bf Bot Manager V3 article.

Beside RP-FC Scanner there are several other useful programs at their web site that you should check. All their software can be modified to export tips to CSV file so that those can be imported to Bf Bot Manager V3. All you need to do is contact author about version that you are using.

RP-FC Scanner
RP-FC Scanner
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Here is one more piece of software that can generate greyhound selections to bet on, it is called Greyhound Winning Lay

You can import selections to Bf Bot Manager V3 and set it to work with Lay 1-4 as the author recommends.

The Greyhound Winning Lays Software is really easy to use, a simple 1 click system to automatically scan the whole day’s meetings and produce the selections within seconds.

As the Software is programmed to scan and look for a certain criteria a Greyhound will not be selected from every race.

The results in the table below has been achieved using the Lay 1-4 gentle recovery staking plan and maximum odds of 4, which means a number of the selections produced daily have not and will not meet the maximum price criteria. You can refer to the results for an average on the number of daily selections.

Download Greyhound Winning Lay