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By MathBetting
Integral Creations Inc is happy to present MathBetting – a new and innovative way to bet on football.

Created in cooperation with Sodens Limited, creators of Bf Bot Manager, MathBetting is designed to guarantee that your football bets are as optimized and as efficient as possible. You simply enter your maximum loss and pick scores that you want to win and break-even on, and MathBetting will calculate how to place bets across dozens of available markets to guarantee you the biggest win possible.


MathBetting explained:

Football is one of few sports that has numerous different markets, many of which overlap. For example, backing Under 1.5 goals is the same as backing scores 0-0, 0-1 and 1-0. But which one is more profitable? There are hundreds of such overlaps, some of which are very complex, and there is no way for a human to calculate the most efficient way to bet in a timely manner. That’s where mathematics and computing come in. MathBetting uses an advanced mathematical model that describes all possible overlaps of all possible football markets and in matter of milliseconds can calculate the most efficient way to place bets based on current prices and your criteria. Moreover, MathBetting guarantees that there is no better way to place bets than the one provided. It is truly the smartest way to bet.

How it works:

• You pick a football match to bet on and enter the bet amount
• From the list of all correct scores you pick scores that you want to win on and scores that you want to break even on
• The rest of the scores are set as loosing scores, on which you are willing to lose your bet amount
• (The advanced mode allows you to tweak winning & loosing values for every score)
• Application calculates the best way of placing bets across all available markets to maximize winnings based on your input.
• After your acceptance, application places seemingly unlinked bets on multiple markets that will guarantee the maximum possible winnings based on your input

Flexible Pricing:

MathBetting has introduced a new subscription free way of using the application. With token based system, you pay per use. And if you bet often, you can still get an unlimited monthly package.
And just for downloading the app, we will give you 10 free tokens, that’s 10 matches of your choice that you can bet on using our system. No strings attached.
And only for members of this forum, register and download the application, and we will give you 10 additional free tokens, just complete the Contact form and mention BfPROMO code and we will grant you additional tokens. Your feedback would also be much appreciated.
I will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Bet smart.