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By conny

I got a email from Steve Davidsson about trading courses that the professional gambler Anthony Hargraves ("Badger") will hold in UK in November this year.
Badger have claimed in past writing that trading is the way to go. We botters do of course claim that trading with bot is the way to go (especially when we get older and have less energy).

Perhaps Dodgydog can expand on how to do it with Trader bot and MS bot?

The two screenshots is a taste of what is possible if you know how to do it.
Tony-trading1.png (28.84 KiB) Viewed 11595 times
Tony-trading2.png (69.71 KiB) Viewed 11595 times
By dodgydog
hi all,
i know nothing of T.Hargreaves and he is not the only one running these workshops in has become a different proposition over the last year and i would suggest that more of these workshops will come on line because good traders have lost their edge or are been charged premium commission rates and can no longer justify trading longterm..what they now have is knowledge which they hope to share with ppl. this knowledge is great but again it needs to be looked at in a total different light.the in play markets have basically gone..unless ur willing to trade with large amounts of money then u have little hope of swimming with for positive screenshots like the ones published here..thay always look great..i would love to see the negative screenshot beside it, because everyday is not a big positive while been a trader...if ppl want to spend £300 on workshops thats fine...u will def get something from it...but u have to ask urself why are these ppl running them in the first place and why arent they using this great knowledge to continuously win while trading themselves..why share what knowledge u spent years gathering..this is priceless to me..i would never dream of sharing it or maybe i would after i realised my edge is gone for good...

i would also suggest that this forum not be used for advertising such workshops as seems to be the case here..i would also suggest to Rade to delete the post.
By catweazle
Stay away from "The Badger" and Mr. Davidson!
Both are not worth a split of a second.
By conny
Hi Catweazle

Please, do explain why we should stay away from them. I will also stay away from them if you tell something very negative that is true about them. I don´t want want to build anything on a lie.
As far as I know the former Auzzie Anthony Hargreaves have a good reputation among punters. He is not as some other less successful experts. That is my image of him unless you can prove something else.
I did subscribe to his trading service (with daily tips on soccer and other sports) for some years ago and have first hand good experiences of him.
He did also have a website called Badger Trading where he was giving away educational videos for free on how to trade.
I feel you are unfair to him if you accuse him for something that is not true.