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Update process for Bf Bot Manager is manual. This means that when software notifies you with message that update is available, you need to uninstall current version of Bf Bot Manager, and then download and install new version of Bf Bot Manager.

Latest version of software can always be downloaded from following page:
Download Page

So the process is next:
1. uninstall current version of Bf Bot Manager by using "Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs"
2. download Bf Bot Manager from our web site
3. unzip and install Bf Bot Manager

At Bf Bot Manager start up page you can always see which version is latest and when it was released. Also you can always check for update by clicking on menu item "Help->Check for update", and if you get message that new version is available then just follow 1-3 steps specified here.
Hi Rade

Is there any impact to not installing the update?

I don't want to unistall and lose my settings

Mine is working fine as it is, but maybe some of the bug fixes will benefit me

Thanks, Matt
Hi Matt,

If you do not need any of the new improvements and if you have not experienced any issues with current bot then you can continue to use existing version.

Latest update fixes issues regarding bets persistence when using Keep persistence on soccer matches and US/AUS horse races.

every time i try to unzip the file i get the following error
! C:\Users\iosca\Downloads\ CRC failed in Setup.msi. The file is corrupt

this is happening on my third computer now, i have the licence and i can not use it for the last month because of this error.
please fix this asap
Hi dashinu,

Please follow our instructions from following tutorial that explains how to install our software: ... tarted.pdf

If you continue to have problems then that is because anti virus, firewall or some other software is blocking Bf Bot Manager installation.

No other users have reported this issue with current setup package.

Kind regards,

that's what i thought myself so i reinstalled win 7 from scratch, no antivirus and firewall disabled and i get exactly the same error, i also used 3 different computers, no matter what i use to unzip the file.
i googled this error and it seems that the file is corrupted.
i don't know if users have downloaded the new version yet but its very unusual and its very annoying as went to so much trouble and spent so much time with no result.
Hi Dashinu,

I understand that it can be very frustrating but all I can do is give you different download link so that you try again.

Try installing Beta version of V2, here is the link:

If it is not related to your operating system then it is something with your network. Maybe you have proxy server or something like that that downloaded and cached corrupted zip file.

Also make sure that you unpack both files to same folder and then to run setup.exe.

Hi Rade,

Where are the settings actually saved? Are they stored within some kind of ini file because that would be easy just back it up and replace it every time you upgrade.

Hi TheGuru12,

It is not recommended that you change saved settings by editing files, restore them etc.

Each update has its own improvements and adds new settings and sometimes removes old settings. We do not want users to manually change files with settings as it could lead to using wrong settings and misbehavior of program. I hope you understand.

Parts of program that can save settings between updates are already doing this e.g. market monitoring settings, auto load settings, whole multiple strategies bot settings etc.

Yeah I get what you mean. Makes sense I guess. You did say that my liscence key is valid for two installs I will clone my Virtual Server then run it with new settings/version if it doesnt work I will revert it.

Hi Rade,
I have installed the latest update and its working great, thanks..
Just one query though, when I load the days racing, all the races are on the grid, but there is no indication of number of runners, total matched etc.

The orange icon is saying that the market will go in play, but the prices etc are only available when the bot starts monitoring, and the race is highlighted in yellow, say 10 mins before start.
That sounds logical, but on the previous version when I loaded the current days racing, all the data (runners, total matched etc) was instantly viewable, even though the races were not highlighted in yellow and were still hours away from being monitored.

My only problem comparing the old and new versions is that on the old, I instantly knew all the relevant race info, whereas with the new, the data is only viewable at monitoring time, and if for some reason the data isn't downloaded at that time, then I wouldn't be around to restart and I would miss the days racing...

Unless of course I am doing something wrong :-)
Could it be a setting that needs adjustment?

Hi flovac,

Those details will appear when bot starts monitoring markets.

Yes, it is different, because bot is now using different API, it is using NG-API. Because of this you can access all market selections immediately after load by clicking on button in column "Sl.". With previous versions you could not do this.

You can easily change market monitoring settings to start monitoring multiple markets 1 day in advance and set to monitor 200 markets. Then bot will get prices for all markets and display all information that you need. After that return settings to the original ones so that bot starts monitoring markets X minutes before start time.

Hi flovac,

I updated V2 Beta version so that it loads initial market prices when market is added to the main markets data grid view. Now after loading markets you should be able to see all favorites, overrounds, number of runners and other basic information in main grid.

Please install beta version of V2, try it out and let me know if you get any problems:

Thank you.