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By bugzy

I have a football strategy which requires the teams to have x amount of golas in the last x matches. But some of the games the strat fires on, the historical information in the in play statistic window shows no data at all.
In this case where BFBM gets tha data from? Or how can I avoid to bet on these games?
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By BfBotManager
Hi Bugzy,

Betting on such games should be skipped because historical info is not available, but if you keep having problems then please export your strategy and send it to us with screenshot of match information so that we can review and check it.

If you are checking information after match is finished then historical information might be removed as it is no longer needed e.g. to free up memory. So make sure you check this during in play or few minutes before start time.

You can open support ticket by using contact form:
By bugzy
Thanks for you reply, I’ll check the live stats. I didn’t know some data might be removed after full time, most of the matches still contain the historical stats when game ends.