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By magicdoyle

New to this software, apologies if its a stupid question. I am setting up a 'lay the correct score' automation to lay the favourite position of the market at half time. But I only want it to fire on specific hand picked games each day. How do I select these games in the market conditions daily?

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Hi Andy,

You should use "Market conditions->Markets filter" rule and set it to allow betting only on market whose name contains specific text e.g. Arsenal, Chelsea etc.

Please test it in simulation mode.
By magicdoyle
Thanks for this,

Just to clarify, do I have to place all details of teams into text area and can I place more than one game into the text area. i.e. does it work as an 'or' rule where it just looks for one team to qualify, or will it act as an 'and' where putting multiple games into the text prevents it from hitting criteria?

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CSV (Comma Separated Values) list is supported, so you can specify Arsenal, PSV, Ajax, Barcelona and if the market contains one of those values then betting on that market will be allowed.