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I want to be able to lay the 2nd fav just before the off, when the odds are between x and y. Now the problem is that x and y will change on each race.
So I need to be able to load the race and min and max prices for that particular race.
The documentation says I need Selection Id or Selection name in the auto load file, what do I put in either of theses please.
Yes I am using the Manage tips to load the tips,
My problem was how do I specify the race information that I want my strategy to run on. When loading the data I will not have the horse name as I am looking to lay the 2nd fav at the time of the bet placement.
The document says I need one of SelectionId or SelectionName in the file. I have tried a combination of data in those fields but have had no success. can selection name be this from the BF screen "17:35 Tampa Bay Downs (USA)" or something else?
As an example in tonight's american racing in the 17:35 at tampa I want to lay the 2nd fav at 5 secs before the start if the lay price is between 4.5 and 5.5.
In the 19:40 at Tampa I want to lay the 2nd fav at 5 secs before the start if the price is between 6.0 and 8.0.
I will normally have 15 - 20 races each night that I want to set individual min and max prices for.

I have my strategy set up to look for the 2nd fav by SP. I wanted to import the min and max price on my .csv load, what I dont know how to do is to link the correct race with the correct min and max price that i will be loading.