General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By woweee
I've got a question regarding filtering.

Just as a test I am backing the fav if its odds are between 1 and 3.

Using 0.10p stakes.
With no filtering I made £0.55 profit 25 /54 Bets SR 44%.

I tried the following filters one at a time.

Total Matched >£3000
£1.61 24/54 SR 44%.

5 Runners
£1.77 7/12 SR 58 %.

6 Runners
-£1.22 18/46 SR 39%.

Max odds 2.60
£4.27 17/34 SR 50%.

Then I tried combining two filters
Max odds 2.60 and 5 runners.
£1.20 6/9 SR 67%.

This has reduced the profit but increased the SR.

Should I aim for High SR and low profit ?
By teie01032
I believe a high strike rate will protect you from unwanted loosing streaks. So I guess its better . right ?
By Freddd92
I would recommend at least 100 races for each filter to have a better idea of what the real SR is, though.
By dn6789
All I can tell you on this is what I prefer - because I am betting a lot of races a day

for me it is all about finding bets with Strike Rate -- that is the bottom line -- if I stray from that I run the risk of ruin.

However my way is in a specific direction -- so if you find a way of betting that works for you and you prefer that and adjusting things keeps you in profit then give it a try for 3 months and see what it looks like.

You gotta keep in mind I am driven by making a profit every single day -- so I am much harder on my methods than perhaps other people would be.