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By dn6789
with the addition of the GH it seems possible to hit $100 a day - because the horse ones are quite restrictive in what they will accept

but after 2 days I hesitate to say too much because 3-4 winners against me would drain the profit out pretty fast
By dn6789
** with both H + GH seems like $200 a day is achievable

but it is open to variance if we lose a few bets -- only thing to do today is check stats and update
By dn6789
there is no secrets on how these are chosen - just take the work from SQ and bring it over here

download data - sort data - filter races -- set up the bets -- exact same method as we are using on the other forms of betting.
By dn6789
+150 for today so far - upped the target to $15 from $10

$200 a day from something as simple as this and I would be happy with that .... while I work on my Parlay system which is far more complex obviously.
By dn6789
after 3 days

1. it is better to lay 2nd fav vs 1st fav

Fav 2 +175 Fav 1 -$100

2. laying GH gets good profits +258 34/36 winners 94%

I need to spend more time on looking at GH Lays and just leave the Horse to see if it can generate bit more.... think by Monday we should see where this is going

but +$340 is pretty good for 2.5 days - and obviously moving up to $15 I should get $150-$200 a day from here on out.
By Casenova777
Separate to your filters have you ever tried using the drifter/steamer function to pick lay bets. So set up your strategy to monitor the market 2 mins before the off and lay the runner with least support / highest drifter within your accepted price ranges... I'ts a bit hit and miss I've found but feel like theres a profitable way to approach it if you stick at it longer term..
By dn6789
I have seen the option but how do I monitor stats for that ? I think there are so many other better things that could be added to the software that we can track better

but anyway see what the next update looks like
By dn6789
it really looks like you need recovery on F1 to win -- I am down like $30 -- all the profit is in F2 and GH

F2 is over $200 and so is GH

will look more at this today and make some changes for tomorrow.
By Sr8822541
dn6789 wrote: Sat Oct 02, 2021 9:06 pm it really looks like you need recovery on F1 to win -- I am down like $30 -- all the profit is in F2 and GH

F2 is over $200 and so is GH

will look more at this today and make some changes for tomorrow.
Hi DN,

I have also worked with laying AUS GH, esp Fav 2, but I was hitting 80 races a day, which made profit for a while and quickly went on a bad long streaks which didnt happen in my past data analysis. So always a first in the data.

I can see here you are just hitting just 35 races in 3 days which is being very selective. So are you using Lay after 2nd fav wins X times in a row etc.?
By dn6789
no I am using that in UK Horse SQ to lower variance

but in GH it is pure Stats I am looking for situations where certain dogs lose often and only betting those races.

I have only bet 35-40 GH races in 4 days but am at like 95-96%

its really up to you - I am not a natural lay bettor so I am learning as I go -- I find betting on dogs to win easier/more profitable because you can pick when you bet and stake it properly ... when lay betting the staking bothers me.

I doubt you can win lay betting at 70 80 90 GH races - that is just too much variance.
By dn6789
you guys see I do not win every race -- but give me enough of the same setups each day and I can win by being smart about it

on my comment about 70-80-90 lays I meant per day -- there just is not that many good setups to lay in my opinion -- it is more 5-20 races a day at most.
By dn6789
so I have been expanding my data and sorting/reviewing and increasing my bets across both back and lay based on results so far

right now I feel I have some of the most advanced stats that you can make driving my selection process and a hell of a long way ahead of where I started from.

as far as Lay Betting goes - basically F1 is slight loss - F2 in Profit and GH in Profit .. today I have expanded the number of bets it can make based on the new updated/improved stats - so lets see if that starts to show a difference moving forward

again I am more of a back bettor and have also refined those selection processes as well - that I hope will bring in even more profits with better DD control as well.

The main reason I am more advanced is I have drilled down to F5 - and unlocked a lot of extra data - that can really support the whole process - as you gotta realize I am running a huge number of strategies now with tonnes of turnover - so what was a small thing has become much bigger so control is very important especially because I am not here all the time.

I hope you take some of those sorts of lessons from my setup into yours.
By dn6789
so this Lay thing I got it up to +368 yesterday which is the highest I have seen

couple things though I am betting $15 a race - so I can lose $100-$110 if things go bad and I have done a lot more work than since when I started

see what it comes out at today.
By dn6789
the other thing I want to mention is I place a huge emphasis on data and filtering.

I want the most accurate data according to the races I am betting in - and then I want to filter the crap out of it - to give me the highest accuracy I can -- none of this lose 15 - 20 bets in a row sort of thing - like we have seen with some of these people selling software.

Also complementary strategy --- SQ / Form / Price / Barrier / Field Size / Jockey/trainer / Distance / Days since last run - combine all these into something that gives you high return/low variance.

I have not quite completed my journey with Excel and BF Bot Manager yet -- but having come from the brink of extinction to now has been quite a journey.
By dn6789
so what I am doing is working for today just the forum strategies is +292

statistics work I guess is the easiest way to say it
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By dn6789
I went and modified everything with 2 more filters this morning and it has upped my profits from these strategies

I am at $415 for today - and have a fairly big parlay on this race on the number 4 but it gets beaten .. just got in a bad position there.

not going to bother to upload any more images as it says too big and got to chop them up -- but you guys get the idea - I broke down every part of every runner - and built around it that way -- back and lay.
By dn6789
graph of todays forum strategy profits as we go over $500 .. drawdowns are really minimal
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By dn6789
my bad - another couple winners - through +$600
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By dn6789
another $58 on the UK races overnight - so yesterdays haul was around that +$665 mark just on the Forum stuff I talked about and developed here

the thing most people would be interested in was the drawdown - wondering what that looked like - but as you can see from the chart -- it is minimal.

by selecting Fav 1- Fav 5 and filtering the runners -- then looking at the best times to Lay Fav 1 and Fav 2 - it creates situations where many times you cannot lose - and every race it bets adds something to the mix.

+ by adding in the SQ Parlay Strategy - it just allows us to supercharge the earnings a little when things are going right.

All the stats show exactly what we always look for - so yeah the stuff I talk about really works.

today is a big day of racing so see how we do today.
By dn6789
+223 today same strategies if your wondering

only difference between today and yesterday is did not really get any parlays up and parlays is down about 50-60 dollars.

if anyone has any comments or wants me to look at their strategies to see if I can see what they are doing wrong - now is the time -- if it is just going to be me posting each day - well I am out of here - it is no fun.

I also just added another Parlay looking for larger payouts and I am considering doing 11 field and 12 field for tomorrow. .. reason being that I really am looking towards trying to achieve a serious financial win over the next 3 months.
By woweee
Hi dn6789

Could you have a look at my strategies.

Strategy 0-3
Aus Dogs
Back 3rd Fav (Must be in trap 1 or2)
1st Fav has to be certain odds.
Certain type of races
3rd Fav odds 4-9

Strategy 3-6
Aus Dogs
Back 2nd Fav (Must be in trap 1 or2)
1st Fav has to be certain odds.
Certain type of races
2nd Fav odds 4-9

Strategy 7-9
UK dogs
Back 3rd Fav (Must be in trap 1 or2)
1st Fav has to be certain odds.
Certain type of races
3rd Fav odds 4-9.

Strategy 10-12
UK dogs
Back 2nd Fav (Must be in trap 1 or2)
1st Fav has to be certain odds.
Certain type of races
2nd Fav odds 4-9.

I have tried adjusting race length. Made no difference.
Having 3rd Fav in trap 1 or 2 made no difference.
Amount of runners made no difference.

It might be best having 1st fav in the outside traps.
May try this next.

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By dn6789
I downloaded now and will take a look

just in general from what you have written above to what I have there are a few pretty major differences - but I will see that in the strategies let me get back to you shortly