General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By Beerio
In theory, if I have a 5 bot setup, 1st bot is the trigger bot for the other 4 for football, If I was to import a CSV file for the 1st bot with Event ID, would the other 4 bots pull in necessary markets (like BTTS, o2.5, o3.5 and o4.5) that I want them to bet on if 1st bot places a bet? Or do I have to import all the ids myself?
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By BfBotManager
No, other bots cannot load markets. You will need to load markets to MARKETS grid view by using auto load settings or by importing tips for those markets/selections.
By Beerio
In that case any possibilities to only import football events that have started already rather then importing 2k games for the next 24 hrs?
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By BfBotManager
If you have Betfair market ID number and import it with your tip then bot will automatically load that market.
By clembool

Easier is to use and you 4 other bots : "market conditions" --> "only if selected strategy has bets".
And select your first bot.