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By clembool

How can I bet on this market only on the next goal ?

i.e : current score is 2-1, and i back over 3.5.
If a goal is scored, how to be sure that my strat will not then fire on the o/u 4.5 market ?


By clembool

Sorry, I maybe misexplained.
On this "over/under market", when a goal is scored, it jumps automatically on the next/over under.
Lets say that you set it ti bet at KO, it will back O 0.5, than when a goal is scored, it will back O 15, and so on.

How can I just set it ONLY to bet on the next over/under and not on all the next ones ?

If 0-0, i just want to back O 05.
And I want to stop betting when a goal is scored.

Thx mate.

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By BfBotManager
Hi Nico,

There is no option to set max number of bets per event. Only solution is to create separate strategy for each market e.g. one for OVER_UNDER_05, second one for OVER_UNDER_15 etc. Then use "Market conditions->Only if specified strategy has bets" to check if other strategies have matched/unmatched/settled bets on the same EVENT.

Then test it in simulation mode.