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By dn6789
after seeing the difference in the SQ horse with recovery - going to do same with GH SQ but probably with a shorter SQ

the thing with the Horse SQ is it always has a high SR - GH fluctuates more because there are more races per day normally I guess - so even though both are filtered down -- Horse one is more consistent.

this may add a further $200 a day to the portfolio as will just use $5 initial with recovery.
By dn6789
as far as the Fav 3-8 strategies go they are up about $300

Fav 8 one is losing at the moment as it has not had a win in a couple days

Fav 4=6 is where all the profits are coming from - so if your interested in this sort of things I would focus more time building in that zone .. that said when you get 100/1 150/1 300/1 - well things change quickly

but yeah focus on the Fav 4-6 area
By dn6789
as far as building strategy for GH 1 - 8

it is funny - GH 3-8 are all making money GH 1 + 2 are slightly behind

this is due to them having a lot more runners - so will need to focus on the filters and find the sweet spot

overall I see about $260 in profit from these - so yeah if you want to build a GH 1 - GH8 strategy it does work.
By dn6789
SQ AU Horse

I think if I was starting from zero I would build SQ AU Horse first - because it has the most consistent sort of results and the filters rarely get changed ... maybe this just tells you with so many people running form analysis - using a SQ approach takes advantage of that.

moving from step to recovery brings about larger swings in profits and losses - but as long as your strike rate is good then this is a good money maker.
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By dn6789
you might be interested to know - I just ran through the numbers and have made ZERO changes to anything today - everything appears to be running optimally and in line with the stats that you need to see to make money.

normally I would tweak something here or there - but not today - everything is on point.
By Rendoe
I started building some F3 & F4 GH strats for AUS yesterday with some decent $ results but I need to tighten them up to get the SR a little higher. Obviously you can still make some money on those ones with a lower strike rate due to the odd of the 3 & 4 GH, but longevity of profit will come from the SR I think.

I also build a quick trap SQ for the UK GH last night, set it to very low take profit though. It worked well, but it got me thinking ...... when you build a F3 or F4 (or F5, F6) strat, do you see better consistency / results with SQ or purely filters on price?

Curious to know your thoughts guys.
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By dn6789
if your building a F3 - F8 sort of strategy I think the SR has to have more flexibility because your replacing it with price

but ultimately it will be determined by how well you kind find the best races to bet in

also keep in mind how mine is set up is the F3-F8 is tied to the sequence so they all share a common take profit and stop loss -- this allows them to reset more often and benefit from the differences between what they are doing.

dollar wise F6 has made me the most money

its interesting for sure but this is more probably better done when you have money coming in from other strategies because these may not win everyday
By dn6789
SQ Forum Horse is +170 already today

UK horse made money today and the GH strats have hit some longer price ones plus the SQ

I already withdrew $600 profit just from these forum strategies and left more in the balance -- and we are only 4 hours into the day.

To say I am shocked that we are not seeing more participation is an understatement.
By woweee
Hi Dn

I read your posts with great interest everyday.
However I think you underestimate how easy it is for forum members to understand what you are doing.
Over the last five years I have tried many systems all lose money.
I have given up many times. Your posts have inspired me to keep trying.
However I'm still losing money. Mainly in simulation mode.

By dn6789

why dont you post one of the losing strategies and I will load into into my software and make some suggestions

maybe that can accelerate you into profit - because there is no need to be losing anymore
By dn6789
also I will finish and post this chris waller strategy soon - so worst case just use that - I am pretty sure when I figure out the settings it will work
By woweee
dn6789 wrote: Tue Sep 07, 2021 11:05 am W

why dont you post one of the losing strategies and I will load into into my software and make some suggestions

maybe that can accelerate you into profit - because there is no need to be losing anymore
Hi Dn

Thank you for your kind offer.
I have attached several strategies that I will be testing today, when UK and Ireland Horse racing starts in about an hour.

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By dn6789
ok just do not use those strategies they are not going to make you money

even just a basic thing -- you cannot bet 5 minutes before the race starts and try to bet Fav 1

you must bet like 5 seconds before the race starts to get the real favorite

all these strategies based off course and distance winners - they will never win no matter how long you run them

you really need to try to understand some of my ideas and implement those.

what I am doing and what these are - is like the difference between night and day ... I cannot even modify these for you and make money with them - they just have no hope at all.
By woweee

Which web site do you use for the Jockeys Challenge Favourite ?
By echelon
Hi DN,

If you have a bit of spare time - please can you have a look over my attached SQ strategies and see if there's anything obvious I'm missing which can make them more consistent performers.

For sure I can use BSP, though then my minimum bet size is £2, so I need to be confident that the strategy is profitable (and aware of the drawdown) before making that change.

They seem to be generally ok, though don't always hit 40%+ SR and swing between winning days and losing days.

I've have versions of the UK GH SQ's in SIm which are using stepped staking which earns more on a winning day, though the losses are more on a losing day, so it seems to balance out.

I think the key difficulty for me in creating any decent strategy is maintaining SR above 40% every day. That consistency appears to be the main key to your success and it's what differentiates your strategies from everything else out there - though pinning down what I need to do to make that happen is not easy!
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By dn6789
let me take a look now -- I just got home was out for a while
By dn6789
unsettled markets you need this
start placing bets at 15 seconds is better
you need to say FAV 1 price must be between 2 values 1.80/3 say or 2.20/4 - you need to establish how consistent you want the market to be

also you staking your going to be step staking

as far as you SQ goes -- I do not think you really want 1 -1 .. a better start would be 1-2

this gives you a great chance to win on your first bet - and even though the second chance is lower the price is higher so you make more -- this is a good way to get a streak going under right racing conditions

also you do not have any distance filter

another thing you can do it add in boxes eligible for bets

Horse SQ well the thing is you need to narrow your bets down -- race distance like 1000-1600 horse field size 6-8
then you need to set your favorite condition -- this determines how reliable the race is

if fav 1 is 2.40-3 or 1.80/2.60 or 2.80 - 4

I can see your trying to grasp how SQ works but many important parts that determine reliability are missing

field size - barrier position - fav price all make differences .. cheers
By echelon
Hi DN,

A million thanks for taking the time to look at these and your fantastic advice!

You've given me lots to think about and implement - so I'll set to work on that tomorrow :)

I hope woweee can make use of my basic strats and your detailed advice, so at least two of us will be getting closer to having strategies which are as solid as yours.

I'll make some amendments and then post updates after running for a few days -Cheers!
By dn6789
or another way to think about this is

if Fav 1 is $1.20 - 1.40 do you want to be backing Fav 5 6 7 or 8 -- no prob no bet or Fav 2 only

if fav 1 is 1.70-1.90 do you want to back fav 6 7 or 8 - no -- only fav 1 2 or 3

is fav 1 is 2.40-2.80 - then you want strategies for all runners

if fav 1 is 3.20 - 3.60 then you want a solid Fav 1 strategy but an equal strategy for all runners --- at that price Fav 1 gets very attractive

each set of prices requires a slightly different process -- I hope that helps with your SQ settings
By dn6789
I think I have really given some very solid advice there in terms of making strategies ---- identify a small niche

narrow it down - and build strategies to take advantage of it -- given your not winning every race - so price and staking matter

for W

really he was using someone elses strategy it looks like to me - but those are garbage and have no chance to win anything - they are unrelated to what I am doing.

go look at some videos on youtube and look at what they are telling you to do - and then look at your results using those types of ideas -- you lose money

my ways are not perfect but I am limited by the software we have and my knowledge --- so I am making the most of what I have.
By dn6789
I have asked for 4-5 things to be added to help us with our filters - this will give everyone more options to control their risk and should make it easier to make money

but how long it takes to be added or if it gets added is out of my hands.
By echelon
Something I forgot to mention is that I've had a look at AU GH recently being unfamiliar with them and distance appears to be much more important (and track specific) than in the UK.

UK grades imply the distance, so it's not normally required to check distance too.

D (Sprint) = 285m - 305m
A (Top Middle Distance), B (2nd Grade Middle Distance), H1 (Hurdles Top), H2 (Hurdles 2nd) = 380m-500m
S (Distance) = 503m - 942m
HC (Handicap), OR (Open Race) = All distances
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