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Race Set Ups

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 11:03 pm
by dn6789
I looked through the selection conditions and they are written for UK people really

what I would like to know is how for example

to lay barrier 1 horse race 1200-1600m with and without apprentice jockey riding . Australian Racing only in Heavy Track Conditions

also in my thread lets use that example

what would be the set up to bet a greyhound race when there are 8 runners and 6 have never raced - how would I select this to bet on the 2 that had - I get the price filter part greater than $3.20 the field - anyway maybe you can help me with this

I find it great for the simple set ups - but kind of feels like we are going to need more advanced service connections or excel . I personally find it pain in rear end to do too much excel would prefer the software to do it.

I did download a scraper "data miner" a chrome extension that you can train to pull the data you want - but still it is all clumsy.

anyway if you can help with those couple examples I will go from there .. cheers