General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
what strategy have you built and what is the data from that telling you ?

what filters have you applied to narrow the set down to better quality bets.

what is your specialty - horses dogs trots - what distance

you need to find the one thing your good at and have knowledge about - build a strategy that matches it -- then go piece by piece and modify it so it works ... what I found was making 6-8 strategies based off data and grouping them together gave me the most stable results.

.... Sequence Betting is the simplest form of betting because it reduces the selection criteria to next to nothing really - it goes purely off strike rate and odds.

LIke I said before I simply cannot just solve the whole thing for you - you gotta do some trial and error - the thing about it - is the software has simulation mode you can set up 50 ideas and run them for a week or 2 and work on the ones that show the best results.

(if I look on the forum there is not any other threads that provide any real information on what you should be doing - so yeah read my threads - take notes - implement in simulation mode and figure out what works for you -- if it takes a week so be it -- but you should be at $150 a day fairly quickly with SQ and Sportsline - after that well then you gotta move onto more advanced thought process)
you mentioned the BF results Tab

the one thing I found with this is you need to modify the time it takes that data -- otherwise if you download the data from Betfair it will be different

in the settings you can change it - default was like 60 or 90 seconds I lowered it to 5 10 or 15 I forget now so it is as close to final prices as possible.
if your asking me how I used to make spreadsheets

I downloaded and scraped these pages

I used data miner - google chrome extension where you can train it what to scrape

and used AI from Amazon to sort through the data for me - you need to set up a database and form for that

anyway you may like it another way than I did - and maybe I was not the most efficient but I am not a programmer -- you give me numbers and I can figure out how to make it work
I am not a programmer either . but I can scrape pages using python . but believe me when I say I am not good with numbers .
you mentioned earlier that I can make easily 150 a day :)) . my dream for a long time is to make 50 a day. that will solve a lot of problems where I live .
well . I have to keep searchin'
you can make $50 a day from today if you simply

use to do the tips for you for NBA NFL etc

watch the early edge show on youtube and then build a strategy in BF Bot Manager

this one will cost depending which coupon you use $60 a year for a subscription then you will need $500-$1000 as they can have ups and downs

I actually much prefer my systems because I control the selection process -- but if you cannot figure out SQ and your not good with data analysis then none of my ideas will work for you

SQ is the simplest form of betting finding patterns in the data and using filters to find higher quality bets ... you should at least try this in simulation mode and see if you cannot find something that will work for you.
Hey DN6789

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your hard work. You've saved me some headaches in trying to figure this stuff out on my own while giving direction.

At this point I've managed to stumble across one basic strategy that's giving me about $10-30 a day while I learn how to use AI to shift through data. While I'm only doing it on the side, I expect it'll take me a few months to come up with anything decent. If I think of anything to help with your own sequences I'll be sure to pass it along but at this point I'm just fumbling through.

Thanks again
Hey mate! Fellow Aussie here. Long time reader, first time poster. This information is priceless! Slowly trying to get my head around the little hints you give out.. and when they click they work.. I set up some “long odd shot bots” with filters from your information you have hinted out, built the bots yesterday and first 24 hours it was up 74 units. I couldn’t believe it. They don’t hit that often but when they hit they are BIG odds. Anyway cheers mate, slowly trying to bring it all together but the future looks bright
it means a lot to me that you posted and shared your experience

it is great that you have had some success - and the thing about trying something - is you will only get better with more experience and be able to develop more ideas and results

stats matter - so stay on top of those and continued good luck
I had something run on F4 and it was 3/23 last few days but +226

it does show you that you can win with anything if you work on the conditions that allow you to win plus of course the proper staking so you do not blow up

stop loss and take profit you gotta have something set up for that -- just in case.